Girls Who Love ❀️ Natural Skincare 🌱 Will Flip πŸ™ƒ for These πŸ‘‡πŸΌπŸ‘ˆπŸΌ Moisturizers ...

I switched to natural skincare products a long time ago because (as well as concern for the environment) I have sensitive skin which is prone to eczema (a family thing). Natural skincare products tend to be simpler and gentler than chemical based products and therefore there’s less risk of reacting to nasty ingredients. To me, moisturizing is the most important step in my skincare routine so it’s vital I use a great product. I’m currently loving Nutriganics Drops of Youth Concentrate by The Body Shop but here are some other natural moisturizers you can consider.

1. Lulu Organics Skin Serum

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Completely free of parabens and mineral oils, this facial serum is chock full of natural botanical oils. The carrot seed, apricot extract and pomegranate combine for a deep-healing formula that especially good even for really sensitive skin. It’s also great for fine lines and wrinkles.

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