7 Remedies for Dry Hands ...


There are plenty of different remedies for dry hands. We use our hands so much and they’re almost always exposed to the elements. Things like cold weather, air conditioning, and harsh chemicals can all dry out the skin, especially the skin on our hands. It’s important then that we look after them. The following are just a few remedies for dry hands, and how to combat them in the first place.

1. Hand Cream

One of the best remedies for dry hands is a good hand cream. Choose one that has a rich, moisturising formula. There are plenty of hand creams on offer to suit a range of skin types and budgets. Skin absorbs moisturiser better when it’s a bit damp, so apply hand cream after you wash your hands to help prevent them from drying out. Also remember to apply hand cream regularly if you work in an air conditioned space, as the dry atmosphere can affect the skin.

Moisturising Soap
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