Should You Be Using Charcoal on Your Skin?


Should You Be Using Charcoal on Your Skin?
Should You Be Using Charcoal on Your Skin?

We’re all looking for a new way to care for our skin all the time, aren’t we? I often fall prey to trendy new ideas that sometimes work and sometimes don’t, but it turns out that charcoal is one of those trends that we may all benefit from. You are probably seeing an explosion of activated charcoal skincare products on store shelves. There’s a reason for that. It has loads of benefits, but the primary one is that it absorbs toxins, oil and other nasty stuff that you don’t want on your skin. Here’s what you should know about using it.

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It Helps You Get the Best Clean Possible

Like I said before, charcoal is super absorbent so when you use it on your skin, you are effectively getting rid of toxins, germs, bacteria, sebum and built up product on your skin. The charcoal soaks up that junk, leaving behind a squeaky clean face that is free of all the junk that can lead to breakouts and blemishes. Awesome!


It’s OK for Most Skin Types

In general most people can use activated charcoal products on their skin with some great benefits. It’s not too harsh on sensitive skin and can really help with oily skin. However, if you have certain skin conditions, it’s best to discuss using charcoal with your dermatologist before giving it a go.


You Can Use Charcoal on Your Body Too

Many of the charcoal products you see are for your face, but you can also use it on your body. It will keep all of your skin clean and blemish free so if you suffer with back or chest acne, washing with a charcoal body wash can really help. Try it and let me know how it goes.


You Have so Many Options when It Comes to Products

There are lots of charcoal products that can get you the beautiful skin you want. There are plenty of facial cleaners, face masks, body wash, bar soap and exfoliators, giving you several options for beautifying your skin. Mix and match the products to meet your needs. Experimentation can help you figure out which ones work best for you.


Charcoal is Also Used at Spas All over the World

Looking for some professional help with your skin? Many spas offer charcoal based treatments to choose from. Consider having a charcoal mask applied. The treatment can help you get better skin and people who have had it done say it’s super relaxing at the same time.


The Science is Limited

While charcoal can have mega benefits, there isn’t a lot of research regarding its use on the skin. Go ahead and try using it, but there might not be a miracle waiting to happen on your skin. There’s likely no harm in trying out charcoal on your body, but experts caution against expecting immediate results or a complete 180 on your skin woes.


Who Shouldn’t Use Activated Charcoal

Like I said above, most people can safely use charcoal on their skin. However, if you have a condition like rosacea or eczema, it might not be beneficial for you. Likewise if you have an infection or other skincare issue going on. In that case, talk to a doctor before use.

Ever tried charcoal products? Which ones do you love the best?

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