Quick Tips for Girls with Blemishes ...

By Lucy

Quick Tips  for Girls with Blemishes ...

Even though we can't do much about blemishes once they're visible on our skin, we can help prevent any future ones from appearing by making sure we're looking after different aspects of our general health! Follow these quick tips below for minimal blemishes in the future!

1 Wash Your Face Twice a Day

hair, human hair color, face, person, blond, Pretty much every girl will know she should wash her face twice a day but sometimes even the best of us forget at times! It can seem like a real pain to wash your face at night, particularly if you've just got home after a long night and just want to crash!

Washing your face twice a day will not prevent blemishes all together but they will help your skin hugely (as it keeps it fresh, healthy and glowing) so any current blemishes should clear up a lot faster.

2 Don't Touch Your Face

hair, black hair, person, gravure idol, brown hair, Can you imagine how much dirt, grease and grime gathers on your hands after a day of work? Unfortunately, there's not much you can to do prevent this from happening as it's inevitable. The most important thing you can do is get into the habit of not touching your face, however if you struggle with this currently, try to catch yourself next time it happens and tell yourself to stop immediately!

It's too easy for your hands to transfer all that dirt and bacteria onto your face which is a huge reason why blemishes surface. So if you're noticing your skin isn't looking so clear, remember to keep the hands away to give your skin the best chance of staying clear for longer!

3 Check Your Make up Products

hair, human hair color, face, blond, eyebrow, It's really common to be allergic (or have reactions) to some of the ingredients included in makeup products. The end result to this is, unfortunately, blemishes and breakouts. If this sounds like you or you have super sensitive skin in general, it might be time to do some research on common makeup ingredients!

Use the process of elimination by buying products without one common ingredient at a time until you've found the culprit. This may take a while but it's definitely worth it if you're able to single out the reactive ingredient so that you can stay away from it in the future and ultimately look after your skin!

4 Wear Light, Airy Clothing

pink, flower, red, woman, dress, When you're breaking out or finding blemishes on your face you probably don't think your clothes could be partially responsible for this, right? But actually, wearing tight and thick clothes is one way to cause our bodies to perspiration quite easily - your face included.

Perspiration is quite commonly known to cause blemishes, so you can prevent any future ones by opting to wear light, airy clothes so your skin can breathe and therefore minimising any chance of perspiration!

5 Exfoliate Twice a Week

hair, human hair color, black hair, clothing, hair coloring, Exfoliation is essential for getting rid of dead skin cells that may linger on our skin, especially as they're not always removed with regular showering and face washing. You can buy yourself a cheap to affordable exfoliation body and face scrub or if you're trying to save money you can easily make your own at home!

For the latter, simply mix one teaspoon of sugar with 2 teaspoons of cold tap water into a small bowl, until it has a paste-like texture. Use circular motions with your fingers to spread the mixture on a damp face and leave for about 2 minutes. Rinse off with cold water or in the shower when you feel it start to harden on your face. Repeat this twice a week for gorgeous, glowing skin with minimal blemishes!

6 Keep Your Diet in Check

eating, It's no surprise that an unhealthy diet can cause blemishes but it is important to make sure your diet is healthy and under control. If you tend to be forgetful, it may help to start a food diary or journal to keep track of your general daily intake of foods.

If you're breaking out though, you should see a specialist who can advise you of what foods are causing it so you know what to avoid; it could be something you eat all the time but have no idea it doesn't go down well with your skin!

7 Get Enough Sleep Each Night

hair, person, black hair, blond, leg, It might be tempting to stay out all night - especially if you're a teenage girl who likes to have fun with her friends at night - but it's important to prioritise your sleep to maintain a steady sleep cycle. This will help your body get into a sleep 'pattern' and getting a decent 8 hours sleep each night will help your skin look visibly fresh and rejuvenated in the morning!

If you're noticing more blemishes than usual, it may help to consider how much sleep your getting exactly and then trying to match it for the next night...and all the nights after that!

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Thank you for insightful article.First tip says"wash your face wash a day" supposed to say "wash your face twice a day" lol

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