Fun Facts about Freckles for Girls Not so in Love with Their Beauty Spots ...


Fun Facts about Freckles for Girls Not so in Love with Their Beauty Spots ...
Fun Facts about Freckles for Girls Not so in Love with Their Beauty Spots ...

There are so many different facts about freckles, it's hard to pick out the fun ones and ones that people don't really know about! If you're wondering, why you might have freckles and some of your friends don't, take a look below! I've got all kinds of fun facts about freckles that you might not know! For example, they fade in the winter – how cool is that? So all you freckled girls, take a look at all of my fun facts about freckles below!

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Freckles Multiply with Tanning

Do you ladies want really tan skin? Do you already have a lot of freckles? One of the biggest facts about freckles that I didn't know about is that they actually multiple when you tan. So girls, if you are thinking about trying to ditch your freckles, you might want to stay outta the sun or put on some of that high SPF sunscreen!


Freckles Don't Just Happen on Redheads

One of the biggest myths about freckles is that they only happen to redheads. That is not true at all girls! One of the facts about freckles that I've read up on is that freckles can happen to anyone that has a bit lighter skin tones, as they are more prone to having sun damage and therefore, are more prone to their skin becoming freckled.


Freckled Girls Don't Need as Much Makeup

Now, I am a freckled girl and you know one of the best things about having freckles is? You don't have to wear a ton of makeup – unless you really want to cover up your freckles! Typically, all I need is a little concealer on any of the blemishes I have and then I'm good to go! My freckles really make my skin look beautiful, no matter what!


Lots of Models Have Freckles

Did you know that a lot of models have freckles now? This fact about freckles is totally new and it proves, freckles are sexy! Freckles on models can be anywhere from a ton of freckles all over to even just a splash of freckles along the bridge of their nose. If you have freckles girls, don't fret, be proud of them!


Freckled Girls Are More Confident

Of course, freckles themselves can't make you more confident, but I know that if I didn't have freckles, I don't think that I'd be nearly as confident about going foundation-free without my freckles. The freckles that I have is just a splattering along my nose and they look so beautiful!


Fade in the Winter

One thing that I really like about freckles and that I didn't know about these little brown dots is that they fade in the winter. Freckles love the sun and they actually get darker in the sun light. Do you remember how I said that freckles multiple when you tan? They actually get darker when you tan too! So in the winter, when there isn't a lot of sun light, don't be surprised if you can't see them anymore!


Not Everyone Can Get Freckles

Remember how I mentioned that freckles don't just happen on redheads? Well, freckles can't just happen on anyone either. You have to have really light skin and skin that is more prone to sun damage. Those with darker skin, typically can not get freckles and are not as prone to sun damage. Strange, right?


You Can Lighten Freckles

Finally girls, the last fun fact about freckles that we're going to talk about is the fact that you can lighten them – but it takes a while. Lemon juice is something that has always worked for me to lighten up a bit of my freckles, but there are also more extreme measures you can take, such as using a laser.

So girls, these are all of my fun facts about freckles that I've learned, what other facts about freckles do you have to share? Do you like your freckles? Give us a comment below with your thoughts!

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I have always found freckles to be attractive, yes there are different tastes out there so maybe go with what you are and the right ones will be attracted to you. Not that I have it figured out. I also have freckles and fair skin so I know the drill(run for cover in summer) but I love the outdoors and God's green earth so that is hard. Well girls I think you are beautiful and wish you all the best:)

I have freckles,I have them and I adore them

I have freckles! I love them.

R freckles hereditary because my grandma, mom, and I have freckles and they were in the sun a lot

I have blonde hair and I have freckles. They're super cute and they keep me looking young :)

I have a small amount of freckles on my nose and at the apples of my cheeks. What's funny is that I'm half asian so I actually quite like them because they're so unique.

I love women with freckles, I'd like to marry with one like you. Women with freckles are beautiful

I don't like freckles none of my freinds have them and it is not fair I'm the only one and I look stupid with makeup on if I wore any

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