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10 Skincare Tips from Sexy French Women ...

By Alicia

Skincare is something most of us don’t think a lot of. We find a cleanser and moisturizer that work and do our best from there. The sexy women of France know that there’re important tips to follow when it comes to having amazing skin. If you start following these tips then you’re sure to see a remarkable difference in your own skin.

1 Always, Always Wash Your Makeup off

meal, breakfast, eating, dish, lunch,It’s difficult to follow this rule faithfully but your skin will reward you if you do. Going to sleep with makeup on is sabotage to your skin. It’s no coincidence that you have a break out a few days later. Your skin needs to breathe and a break from makeup. French women always wash their makeup off before bed.

2 Treat Your Skin to Water, Both inside and out

wine glass, stemware, drink, glass, drinkware,Water is treated as a luxury in France. Sexy French women drink a lot of water because they know it improves their skin. They also use water to treat their face. They use micellar water as part of their cleansing routine. Additionally, they spritz water on their face throughout the day. Mineral water, grape water and rose water are all options French women use to give their skin a boost.

3 Prevention is the Best Strategy

Eiffel Tower, statue, landmark, monument, vacation,In America, we often tend to ignore skin issues that’re sure to happen as we age then we panic when we start seeing wrinkles and sun spots. French women have an entirely different approach. They practice prevention from their youth so they have to do less treatment later. They start on eye creams and serums in their teens or early twenties. This approach means their skin looks better longer.

4 See Skincare Products as an Investment Rather than an Expense

clothing, snapshot, fashion, footwear, street,Skincare is expensive. It’s easy to feel like it’s a waste because you can’t see it like you can makeup. But good skincare will always reveal better skin and French women realize this. They happily pay for quality skincare products because they know they’re investing in their skin and it’ll pay off. One way to look at this is that your face is going to be with you much longer than a designer bag so it’s worth the cost of quality skinare.

5 Develop a Full Skincare Routine

red, petal, christmas decoration, flower, christmas,The sexy women of France go way beyond cleanser and moisturizer. They have an entire skincare routine they follow. While routines vary, they look something like this: cleanser, serum, moisturizer, eye cream and products for specific issues such as unevenness or dullness. French women also treat their face to a mask and/or exfoliation at least once a week. You can follow their example and add a bit more products into your skincare routine.

6 Embrace Your Age

clothing, road, street, fashion, spring,Rather than try to hide the fact that you’re aging, embrace it! That’s the French philosophy. They do their best to protect their skin from aging but when it occurs, they don’t fight it. They believe in being the best they can at any age and that’s certainly a lesson we can all learn. Rather than stressing over what we don’t love about ourselves, let’s focus on doing the best we can with our skincare and beauty and be content in that.

7 Change Your Thoughts about Skincare

meal, flower, dish, sense, restaurant,French women don’t regard skincare as something they have to do; they think of it as something they get to do. It’s something they do to pamper themselves and they thoroughly enjoy it. Most American women regard skincare as a chore. I’ve felt that way at times. Changing your thoughts about skincare can make it seem like a treat you give yourself.

8 Massage Your Skin

clothing, sleeve, outerwear, dress, fashion,French women painstakingly cake on product after product to keep their skin looking young and fab! However, if this isn't for you, simply massage one to two products into your skin to make sure the serum you're using penetrates deep down. The massage technique also reduces fine lines and bloating!

9 Micellar Water

hair, face, black hair, eyebrow, pink,Many French women swear by this cleansing product! If you're not ready to give up what you're using simply wash away makeup with micellar water and then wash with your current product for a double-cleanse. Eventually you might drop the second step and stick with micellar on its own.

10 Go below the Face and Neck

clothing, pink, underpants, dress, leg,Americans tend to stop at the neck or even worse the chin. French women go beyond these two points by working the chest into their routine. With the right product you can go from your forehead to your breasts and not need to use more than one, but by keeping your neck and chest supple you'll increase your facial skins appearance as well.

These are some tips to help you have the skin you’ve always dreamed of. French women are known for having beautiful skin so their secrets are important! What’re your favorite skincare products?

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