Don't Make These 7 Mistakes with Your Facial Brush Cleanser ...


Don't Make These 7 Mistakes with Your Facial Brush Cleanser ...
Don't Make These 7 Mistakes with Your Facial Brush Cleanser ...

Your facial brush cleanser (i.e. your Clarisonic), is a great way to make sure your face is absolutely clean, but you might be doing things all wrong. The best way to ensure that your tool is giving you the best clean possible is to make sure you are using it properly. When it comes to a clean face, be sure you aren’t making these mistakes. You’ll be so glad you go this info!

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Not Using Enough Cleanser is Not a Good Thing

Your brush cleanser won’t be working right if you don’t use enough facial cleanser with it. Experts recommend completely filling the reservoir the first time you use the product, then adjusting as necessary based on your skin type. Make sure you are also using a facial cleanser that is appropriate for your skin type so that you can get the most out of your brush.


Too Little Water is Not Good Either

Just like facial cleanser, you need plenty of water for your brush to work properly. Make sure your brush is completely soaked before you use it or you won’t get the best clean possible. So bottom line – enough water and cleanser is absolutely necessary for your brush to work the way it’s supposed to.


Never, Ever Share Your Brush with Others

It’s just gross! Don’t let your friends or your man use your brush cleanser. This is just a setup to acne and breakouts. This might not make you sick, but it’s not good for your skin. Not only can you wind up with pimples, but you might get a skin infection. If you’ve already done this, soak the brush head in alcohol to kill germs. In the future, keep your brush cleanser to yourself.


Clean the Brush on a Regular Basis

To ensure that your brush cleanser stays sanitary and ensures a great clean, you have to wash it on a regular basis. Experts suggest using a dab of shampoo to clean the bristles after every use. This will remove the excess oil and product that you just removed from your face. That’s easy enough, right?


You Quit Too Soon

Some people report a breakout when they first start using the brush cleanser. This is because you are bringing bacteria to the surface and deep cleaning your pores. This is an unfortunate side effect, but you have to stick with it. It will only take a few weeks for the brush cleanser to do its work and get rid of breakouts and other issues. So don’t give up!


Don’t Use the Brush with an Exfoliator

Exfoliation is a good thing, but that’s what the brush is doing when you use it. Too much exfoliation can be hard on your skin, creating damage that isn’t comfortable or good looking. When you use your brush cleanser, choose smooth facial cleansers that don’t have any grit or beads added.


Replacing Your Brush is a Must Every Few Months

Experts say that you should replace the brush on your cleanser every three months or so. This is because they tend to clump together after this amount of time, which reduces the effectiveness of the product. Even if the brush doesn’t look dirty or worn, you will probably get a better clean by replacing it.

Do you use a facial brush cleanser? Any other tidbits of advice to share?

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Just got a Clarisonic for Christmas! It's amazing, totally in love!!!

I got one from China for about £5 works just perfect if not better also has so many attachments. They sell them on eBay

Do you simply just throw the brush head away when you get a new one?

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