17 Smooth Lotions Thatll Repair Your Dry Winter Skin ...

By Eliza

17 Smooth Lotions Thatll Repair Your Dry Winter Skin ...

The winter sure can wreak havoc on your skin, which makes a good lotion your number one defense. Dry, cold air can lead to itchy, tight skin that doesn't look or feel good. Fortunately, the simple step of slathering on moisturizer on a regular basis can help combat all of your winter skin issues.

Table of contents:

  1. tropical lotion
  2. skin correcting lotion
  3. perfect body lotion
  4. love your skin lotion
  5. skin relief hand cream
  6. 24 hour moisturizer
  7. body repair lotion
  8. retinol skin smoothing body lotion
  9. for dry to normal skin
  10. oil-free lotion
  11. daily calming lotion
  12. radical skincare
  13. intensive repair lotion
  14. for sensitive skin
  15. lotion supreme
  16. save our skin
  17. illuminating skin lotion

1 Tropical Lotion

Tropical Lotion bergdorfgoodman.com
This lotion is designed for oily skin and the tropical scent will make it feel like summer anytime.

2 Skin Correcting Lotion

Skin Correcting Lotion belk.com
Here's a fabulous facial lotion that will rehydrate dry winter skin and fight off wintertime UV rays at the same time.

3 Perfect Body Lotion

Perfect Body Lotion lordandtaylor.com
This lotion smells like fruit and marshmallows, but it also does a really good job of hydrating the skin all over your body.

4 Love Your Skin Lotion

Love Your Skin Lotion qvc.com
Any girls who loves her skin should be using this lotion on it.

5 Skin Relief Hand Cream

Skin Relief Hand Cream target.com
Toss this tube of lotion into your purse and rehydate your dry hands anytime you need to.

6 24 Hour Moisturizer

24 Hour Moisturizer target.com
Here's another great product from Aveeno that you can use on your entire body for 24 hours of hydration.

7 Body Repair Lotion

Body Repair Lotion ahalife.com
Use this lotion if you have dry, irritated or inflamed skin. It promises to take care of all these issues, and more.

8 Retinol Skin Smoothing Body Lotion

Retinol Skin Smoothing Body Lotion shop.nordstrom.com
Not only will this lotion quench dry winter skin, but it will also repair damaged skin and load you with antioxidants.

9 For Dry to Normal Skin

For Dry to Normal Skin overstock.com
Whether the harsh weather has dried out your skin or not, you will love this toning lotion.

10 Oil-free Lotion

Oil-free Lotion overstock.com
This little lotion packs a big punch. It's perfect for fighting redness and irritation that can crop up when the weather gets cold.

11 Daily Calming Lotion

Daily Calming Lotion target.com
Eucerin has long been a name known for great skincare. This little tube of lotion is ideal calming the inflamed skin on your hands during the cold months.

12 Radical Skincare

Radical Skincare barneys.com
Here's the perfect lotion for your winter days on the slopes. It hydrates and protects while also battling UV rays with SPF 30.

13 Intensive Repair Lotion

Intensive Repair Lotion overstock.com
This pack of lotions lets you put one in your purse, your workout bag, your nightstand and your medicine chest. Repairing your winter skin has never been easier.

14 For Sensitive Skin

For Sensitive Skin overstock.com
Ladies with sensitive skin often suffer more during the winter. This lotion is the answer for finding some relief.

15 Lotion Supreme

Lotion Supreme neimanmarcus.com
It's not cheap, but this lotion smooths and anti-ages your skin year round, including during the winter.

16 Save Our Skin

Save Our Skin macys.com
This lotion promises to fight redness and soothe your skin during the winter and anytime you need it.

17 Illuminating Skin Lotion

Illuminating Skin Lotion beauty.com
Want to brighten dull wintertime skin? This lotion will do the trick.

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