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Have you ever considered exactly how many chemicals and man-made products are contained in that immense stash of potions, lotions and creams you have for your hair, face and body? Admittedly it is easier to simply shop the aisles and pick products off the shelves but there are some great benefits in making the effort to switch to natural body care:

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Avoid Allergies

One of the most important reasons to switch to natural body care is that unlike commercial body care and beauty products, natural body car products rarely cause allergies and use natural ingredients you will have tried and tested all your life: food stuffs like honey, herbs, yogurt, oats, lemon, beer etc! When you apply commercial body care products their harsh chemicals are absorbed into your blood through skin and scalp within 15-20 minutes, causing allergic reactions that can take ages to heal and involve many visits to your doctor, not to mention money spent on expensive medicines to treat the allergies. Natural body care is not just cheaper; it is far healthier and makes you feel better. So why use commercial stuff?


Improving Reproductive Health

The harsh chemicals found in commercial beauty and body care products are not just responsible for allergies, but they can also have a negative effect on a woman's reproductive health. Containing parabens, phthalates, formaldehyde and sulfates among other harmful chemicals, using such products for long periods of your life may well cost you the chance of one day enjoying motherhood.


Do Away with Headaches

Have you noticed an increase in the frequency of severe headaches? It's not just stress you're experiencing - it’s the overpowering scent in body products like deodorants, body lotions and perfumes. What a combination to assail your nostrils every day! It's the same effect as sitting under a jasmine bush for several hours - you'll suffer severe headaches just from the overwhelming scent, even when you're in a relaxed and calm state.


Reducing the Risk of Cancer

Some of the major cancer-causing suspects are the toxic carcinogens contained in most beauty products. Stuff like formaldehyde and formaldehyde-releasing preservatives have also been linked to a number of other serious diseases. Want to live longer? Stop caring about every laughter-line and use natural skin products for a longer life! And it's not just your longer life - by switching to natural body care, you will personally save thousands of lives of defenseless lab animals used by the beauty industry to test their products.


Avoid Hair Loss

More and more women are suffering from hair loss without understanding why they are losing their strands to such an extent. Hair loss has many underlying reasons; it can be hereditary, or related to poor diet. But it can also be due to the expensive shampoos, hair wax, conditioner and similar styling products a woman uses over long periods of time. Stuff that says on the packet is designed to give you healthy, luscious locks may actually be harmful long-term, especially products women use to color their hair.


No More Dandruff!

Most products that promise to rid you of your dandruff are actually so powerful and brimming with harsh ingredients, they are the cause, not the cure for dandruff. Don't waste money on commercial anti-dandruff products, as they may just worsen your condition and cause yeast infections.


Keep Your Ideal Weight

It may sound a little odd, but there are body products that will affect your weight. They contain certain chemicals that are well-known causes of weight gain, namely obesogens like phthalates, which affect a person's metabolic rate and thyroid function, as well as having the potential to cause hormone imbalances. The latter is a well-known factor in weight gain.

Some of the potential effects of man-made beauty products sound pretty scary and it’s so difficult to know what is true. The beauty industry is in conflict with the scientists and organic movements over benefits and side effects of chemicals and consumers face difficult choices. The best thing is to simply be comfortable with your choices.

What are your views on this? Have you or do you include natural products in your beauty routine?

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Natural products with a minimum of ingredients is certainly the way to go. It's amazing and terrifying to discover what's in products we use daily.

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