7 Ethical and Logical Reasons to Use Organic Skincare Products ...

By Neecey

7 Ethical and Logical Reasons to Use Organic Skincare Products ...

Organic is best – we hear this so much and usually in connection with food. Living our best life has taken on a whole new meaning. We need to be aware of what we put in and on our bodies to maintain better health and well being. As consumers we now have the right to know what is the composition of the products we use. Organic skincare products are becoming much more widely available and consequently more financially accessible. We hear and read these copious messages to “go organic”, but what does this mean? Is it actually a better option or just a lifestyle choice? Here are 7 ethical and logical reasons to use organic skincare products.

Table of contents:

  1. preserving the environment
  2. fair trade practices
  3. sustainable cultivation
  4. your body is a temple
  5. skin care
  6. make up
  7. the benefits

1 Preserving the Environment

Organic skincare products are manufactured from ingredients grown without the use of toxic pesticides and fertilisers. This means less damage to the soil and environment and more in keeping with safe ecological standards and practices.

2 Fair Trade Practices

Not all organic skincare products are equal. The organic skincare industry is becoming better regulated than it has been in the past. A study showed that although some products were labeled as ‘natural’ or ‘organic’, they still contained high amounts of synthetic ingredients. Certification is encouraged and organic skincare manufacturers should adhere to the regulations to qualify for certification. Read the label and take note of the claims of the manufacturer and ingredients included in the product.

3 Sustainable Cultivation

Organic is usually defined as allowing the natural process of development without external interference or manipulation, thus being natural. Subscribe to “Beauty without Cruelty” and the preservation of endangered Wild-harvested Medicinal Plants.

4 Your Body is a Temple

This is the only body you have; the onus is on you to take the best care possible. Over the past decade we have become more focused about what we eat and drink to keep our internal bodies in optimal condition. Regular use of organic skincare products is a responsible way to preserve and protect our external - your skin.

5 Skin Care

The skin is the largest organ of the body and absorbs what is on the surface into the blood stream. Most soap, shower gels and fragrances have large components of chemicals as their primary ingredients. Organic skincare products are produced without added chemicals and subscribe to ethical growing and harvesting of ingredients.

When using organic skincare products you will notice fewer allergies and blemishes. The risk of skin cancer is dramatically reduced. The other benefit is that often the balance of ingredients in organic skincare products actually promotes health because of their healing properties. In the long term, maintaining an organic skincare regimen will promote better overall health and sense of wellbeing.

6 Make up

Since the ancient times make up has been used. Whether it was to enhance facial features, create ceremonial marking for war, it was often to the detriment of the user. High lead contents and toxic herbs left scars and in some cases even lead to death.

Using organic skincare products means that you are getting the purest form of ingredients without all the harmful chemicals. Over time your skin will have a natural glow and become healthier.

7 The Benefits

The benefits of organic skincare products are that you will notice less allergies and irritants on the skin and eyes. Organic skincare products are absorbed and will not clog your pores, therefore less pimples and acne. The efficacy of the ingredients promotes better health. Organic skincare products will aid repair of sun-damaged skin, by promoting new growth.And, of course the benefit to our environment is immense.

Even though the products may appear more expensive at purchase, because of the concentration of ingredients, you need to use less to achieve the same effect. Daily cleansing will keep your skin looking healthy even without make up. Other savings come into being in that you wont have to buy additional lotions and potions to deal with the eczema, pimples and other skin irritations.

The multi-billion pound cosmetic industry spends mountains of cash promoting their products but the share of the market enjoyed by organic skincare products is still pretty small. The muscle of the chemical based products is still far too mighty and the only way it will change will be by us, the consumers, making the decision that we want organic products that are better for us and actually work. I hope these Ethical and Logical Reasons to Use Organic Skincare Products have convinced you to make the change to your beauty treatments and go green.

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