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Skin Care Brands — there are so many on the market, chances are, you feel like you've thrown loads of money away on products that just don't work. Well, no more! I've sampled and tested literally dozens of brands, and narrowed my faves to just a few, and I'd love to share my hard-earned expertise. Here are my top 7 skin care brands I love.

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Murad is hands-down my favorite skin care brand, and I use several of their products every day! My favorite are the acne and anti-aging products, especially the Acne & Wrinkle Reducer. My skin has never looked so radiant and healthy!



I also adore the Philosophy line of skin care products, completely different from the Murad skin care brand. While Murad focuses on fighting fine lines and wrinkles and acne, Philosophy seems more concerned with soft skin, and lush, sweet, gorgeous scents.


Clean & Clear

This is an excellent budget-conscious skin care brand, one you can probably find at your local drug or even grocery store. Looking for a good, inexpensive moisturizer? Try the Clean & Clear Dual Action Moisturizer, which fights acne and keeps your skin hydrated and happy.



This brand is made for young people who want healthy skin for the rest of their lives. If you start using Bliss while you're in your teens and twenties, you'll be off to a great start, making habits that will keep your skin looking and feeling good for decades to come!



I like Origins as a skin care brand because they offer something delightful for every skin type. Everything in their line-up is organic, with lush essential oils, promoting healthy skin and overall wellness.


Burt's Bees

My love affair with the Burt's Bees skin care brand began with their original lip balm, and has spread to other products. Their lotions and salves are divine, comforting and healing even the roughest, driest skin, even in winter.



I absolutely adore the Brown Sugar Body Scrub and everything in their lemon collection. Everything they make smells gorgeous, and works like magic, leaving my skin soft and supple and ready for anything!

Stick to those skin care brands, and every penny you invest will be money well spent! My very favorites are Murad and Philosophy, but all of these are excellent! Which of these skin care brands have you used, and which do you love? Or is there another skin care brand you can recommend, or warn us away from? Do tell!

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Clean and clear is working!! I've tried proactiv but it didn't really improve my skin. With clean and clear, I'm already seeing the difference! ;)

I love Artistry skin care. It is slightly pricey but it is worth it. I have very acne prone skin and I've been using one of the kits for about a week and a half and my friends have seen a huge change in my skin. One of my friends even said, "No offense but you use to be a walking zit but now you're skin looks amazing!"

what about lush lush changed my skin forever!

Hi, I love Monsia.

I love lush. my no1 skincare brand.

I'm using some Philosophy products right now and really like what I see so far! I've always loved Lancome, Clinique and Benefit too.

Cetaphil is an amazing skincare line. I've used it for years and my skin pretty close to flawless.

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