Did You Know You Have Probiotics in Your Skincare?


Did You Know You Have Probiotics in Your Skincare?
Did You Know You Have Probiotics in Your Skincare?

You’ve probably heard of probiotics in terms of your gut health. They are a good form of bacteria that you can find in certain foods, such as yogurt, kefir and sauerkraut. They work by counteracting the bad stuff and keeping your intestinal tract healthy and regular. Turns out probiotics also do good things for the outside of your body and they are appearing in more and more skincare products. Here’s why that’s such a great thing and how to know if probiotic skincare is right for you.

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How do They Work?

The science behind probiotic based skincare is very similar to the reasons you would use it internally. They team up in your skincare products and fight the bad bacteria on your skin that can lead to issues like acne, redness and infection. By balancing the good bacteria with the bad bacteria, you create an environment on your skin that is more conducive to a flawless complexion and clear, smooth skin all over your body.


Probiotics Will do Great Things to Your Skin

Because the probiotics are fighting bad bacteria, they keep inflammation at bay. This inflammation is what causes things like zits, blackheads, red skin and other things you’d rather not have to deal with on a daily basis. Give them a try and see what they can do for you!


Don’t Worry if You Have Sensitive Skin

Girls with sensitive skin have to spend time culling out the right skincare products because using the wrong one can be devastating. I have sensitive skin so I know how frustrating this can be. The great news is that probiotic based skincare is great for ladies who have sensitive skin. In fact, it can even help fight sensitivity due to its natural tendency to ward off inflammation. Perfect!


Look for Products That Don’t Contain a Ton of Other Active Ingredients

When it comes to using probiotics, you want them to take center stage so they can work their magic anytime you massage the product into your skin. For that reason, experts suggest choosing probiotic skincare that doesn’t come with a bunch of other active ingredients. This gives the probiotics the chance to do their thing without anything else getting in the way.


What Kinds of Products Contain Probiotics?

Because the probiotic skincare industry is a fairly new one, you may have trouble finding products that contain them. For now, one of the best things to try is a daily relief cream, which is packed with probiotics. A night cream is also a great way to give probiotics a chance to do what they do while you sleep. As the idea gets bigger and gains in popularity, you are likely to see more and more probiotic skincare products on store shelves, so just keep watching.


There Isn’t a Ton of Research…Yet

The preliminary research on probiotics in skincare products is positive and hopeful. However, experts caution that some work still needs to be done. Keep this in mind as you try the products so that you are open to more research and helping figure out how they work.


And, as Always, Talk to Your Dermatologist before Trying Probiotics on Your Skin

Fortunately, probiotics in skincare are a fairly safe thing that most women can benefit from adding to their routine. However, as with most other things, it may not be right for everyone. That means you should at least call your dermatologist and ask if you are a good candidate for trying the products.

Have you ever tried a probiotic skincare item? How did it work out for you?

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