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Cruelty-free Skincare Products You Wont Feel Guilty about Using ...

By Eliza

As you probably know, many skincare products are tested on animals. If that makes you feel as bad as it makes me feel, you probably want to stock your cosmetics bag with those things that don't harm animals. Luckily, there are many skincare lines that test their products in other ways so you know they deliver on their promises without hurting any living creatures in the process. Here are some to try.

Table of contents:

  1. Cleansing milk
  2. Eye recovery mask
  3. Perfect lip balm
  4. Nourishing toner
  5. Anti-wrinkle scrub
  6. Eye serum
  7. Acne eliminating pads
  8. Rice powder
  9. Acne lotion
  10. Truffle therapy serum
  11. Hydrating cream
  12. Pore mist
  13. Makeup remover pads
  14. Wrinkle serum
  15. Exfoliating wipes
  16. Energizing serum wipes
  17. Under eye repair mask

1 Cleansing Milk
This cleanser is perfect for ladies with blemish prone skin.

2 Eye Recovery Mask
This wonder product will help anti-age your eye area.

3 Perfect Lip Balm
When you want a cruelty-free lip care product, you need this great balm.

4 Nourishing Toner
Not only will this tone your skin, but it also has soothing properties to calm your skin.

5 Anti-wrinkle Scrub
Anti-age your skin and infuse it with beneficial nutrients all at the same time.

6 Eye Serum
Get rid of puffiness, under eye circles and wrinkles without worrying about animals in the process.

7 Acne Eliminating Pads
Control acne without harming any animals - what more could a girl want?

8 Rice Powder
Use this to smooth and brighten your skin.

9 Acne Lotion
When you smooth this lotion on your face, you fight acne with one easy step.

10 Truffle Therapy Serum
The power of truffles in this product ensure that you get silky smooth skin, totally cruelty-free.

11 Hydrating Cream
Hydrated skin is healthy skin and this great cream will help you get just that.

12 Pore Mist
This cruelty-free mist helps tighten pores and control oil on your skin.

13 Makeup Remover Pads
These great smelling pads remove makeup and allow you to feel great about your choice.

14 Wrinkle Serum
Want to fight wrinkles? You've got to try this product.

15 Exfoliating Wipes
Exfoliating is great for skin because it boosts health and gives you a youthful glow.

16 Energizing Serum Wipes
These innovative wipes moisturize your skin and energize your natural radiance.

17 Under Eye Repair Mask
You'll have the best looking under eyes in town when you use this magical little product.

Which one do you want to try? What other products would you add to the list?

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