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What's the Real Secret to Quality Skincare? ...

By Jennifer

While Baby Boomers were influenced by an advertising message promising to "catch a man," modern women are becoming more influenced by the actual ingredients of a product, where those ingredients came from, and how they can transform the skin.

No longer an afterthought, the product ingredient list (which was long-ago relegated to the fine print of a disposable box) has taken center stage. More and more, savvy consumers are doing their homework and taking charge of what they put on and in their bodies, and for good reason: your body can absorb up to 60% of everything that is placed on it, including potentially harmful synthetic chemicals, dyes and fragrances. And quality ingredients don't need glossy ads with loads of PhotoShop — the results you'll see from quality products with healthful, natural ingredients are so much more believable and relevant anyway!

So what are some ingredients to look for when choosing skin care products? Look for rose, frankincense and carrot seed, the most regenerative of all anti-aging ingredients. Avoid parabens, and anything you can't pronounce or identify without Google. And once you've found a brand and product line you trust, and that works for you, stick with it!

Jennifer Devlin is an Artisan Skin Care Maker and Founder of Celtic Complexion.

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