How to Get Free Skincare Samples Starting Today ...


Is there anything better than getting something for nothing? Free samples are all over the place, but some of them are easier to come by than others. Skincare companies often offer samples because they hope that a little taste of their product will get you hooked so that you go out and buy the full-size. Want to get in on the free sample action? Here’s how to stock your medicine chest with free samples starting now.

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Like the Page on Facebook

Sometimes, a company will send you something free just for liking their Facebook page. If you write a nice little note about how much you love the brand, you might get something in the mail in exchange for your loyalty. Sharing the page is another way to get some free swag from the company itself. Cool, right?


Join a Survey Group

If you agree to review a product and let the company know how it works for you, they’ll send it to you for free. The best way to do this is to access the company’s website and sign up there. You might also talk to the staff at beauty supply stores. Making friends with the people in the know is a great way to get yourself in on free stuff.


Make Friends in the Industry

Speaking of making friends, getting cozy with the staff at Sephora or Ulta is a great way to get some free stuff. If the girls love you and are excited when you come in the shop, they may pass that on to you by offering you free stuff when new products hit the shelves. Another great place to score free samples by making friends is at the makeup counter at your favorite department stores.


Just Ask

It can’t hurt to just ask if there are samples to try. Most skincare companies have free samples, but they don’t make a huge deal out of it. However, if you ask for one, they are usually happy to provide you with a free sample to try at home. You might have to call the company or write to them and provide your address. Most skincare companies are willing to share their tiny samples in the hopes that you’ll buy something from them.


Join a Skincare Club

If you’re part of a club, you will get swag as part of your membership deal. True, you’ll be on the hook for buying certain products, but many companies let you pick and choose so you can buy the items you’d use anyway, then you get the free stuff on top of that. You might even get a free sample or two every single month when your box of goodies comes in the mail.


Look on Store Shelves

Sometimes a product you buy anyway will have a free sample attached. I’ve scored free exfoliators, facial cleansers and moisturizers attached to the skincare products I already buy. Peer at the back of the shelves and you might find a little treasure right there for the taking. Perfect!


Pretend a Bit of Ignorance

Here’s something that works for many girls. Simply tell the sales staff or makeup expert that you’re not familiar with their products. Chances are they’ll hand you several samples without you even having to ask. This can work great if you’re unsure whether simply asking will net you some free samples or not.

How do you get free skincare samples?

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