Tricks to Shaving Your Legs Less for Lazy Girls ...


Tricks to Shaving Your Legs Less for Lazy Girls ...
Tricks to Shaving Your Legs Less for Lazy Girls ...

When you shave you should do it well. Not only does good technique mean you don’t leave hairs behind but you also want to avoid those annoying little bumps. And also, a good shaving technique should mean you have to shave less often. If you want smoother skin for longer there are things you can do before, during and after a shave.

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Salt Scrub

pink, clothing, leg, beauty, skin, One of the best ways to make shaving last longer is to do a salt scrub of the areas that you are going to shave the day before. By doing a salt scrub, you will be getting rid of all of the layers of dead skin that might cause a problem with hiding tiny hairs, so in effect the salt scrub will allow you to get a better and more comprehensive overall shave of the area. Don’t shave the same day as doing a scrub.


Bathe before

red, art, product, EMONS, Rather than shaving before you get in the bath or shower, it is recommended that you actually wash yourself as the first part of the process. This will rid your body of a lot of the natural oils and perspiration that has built up, and also help hydrate the hairs and make them easier to remove with a razor. About two to three minutes is the optimum soaking time before you shave.


Moisturizing Gel

clothing, swimwear, swimmer, muscle, leg, Be as kind to your skin as you possibly can by applying liberal amounts of moisturizing shaving gel before your start to shave. This will allow you to get a good three of four more glides over the skin without causing any unwanted irritation, and will lead to you being able to go that extra two or three days without having to shave again.


Choose a Good Razor

hair, clothing, black hair, undergarment, long hair, Although there are plenty of multi buy cheap razors that might seem attractive if you are on a budget, you really shouldn’t try to save pennies when it comes to something like a razor. A good quality razor will mean that you do not have as many skin issues as well as ensuring that you don’t have to shave as often because the blade has done as good a job as it can the first time round.


Fresh Blades

hair, clothing, leg, undergarment, black hair, Alongside this, you shouldn’t be trying to make your blades last as long as possible simply for cost purposes. You get the best shaving experiences from fresher blades so as soon as your razor starts to feel a little dull, it’s time to switch it out for a new one.


Light Touch

hair, clothing, black hair, undergarment, thigh, Be as gentle as you can when shaving any part of your body. You might feel like applying some pressure to try to shave as deep as possible, but this will only cause things like ingrown hairs and shaving rash. Also, always shave in the direction that feels most comfortable to you.


Hard Parts Last

image, swimming pool, hot tub, Always leave those hard to get spots like behind the knee and around the ankle until last so that if you do happen to nick yourself and start bleeding, you won’t have to worry about being put off doing the rest of your legs because all the other parts will already be finished.



hair, photograph, clothing, image, human positions, Always rinse thoroughly and then pat dry after shaving any area of your body. It helps to close up the pores and reduce risk of irritation, flaked skin, ingrown hairs - all of the things that you definitely don’t want to have to contend with!


Natural Oil

human action, clothing, human positions, leg, sports, It’s always a good idea to coat the newly shaved area with some kind of natural body oil to provide a protective layer and a layer that isn’t going to pose a risk of causing irritation through chemical ingredients.

Who knew shaving could be so complicated? Hope these tips give you a smoother, longer-lasting shave.

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I use coconut oil after. It feels so soothing and smooth

kay i didnt know u could shave with cocnut oil.

Great tips 😊

The natural coconut oil is the best. My honey doesn't like coconut,,& the more natural the less syrupy sweet. The softness started right away.

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