Can Face Oils Actually Keep You Looking Young?


Can Face Oils Actually Keep You Looking Young?
Can Face Oils Actually Keep You Looking Young?

If you follow beauty news, you’ve probably been hearing tons about the anti-aging benefits of face oils. While they might not be the fountain of youth we all want so badly to find, research shows that face oils do have the power to take a few years off your face and help you retain that youthful radiance you love so much. Of course, you can try face oils, such as grapeseed or sunflower, without knowing anything else, but I prefer to learn a little more about something before I start putting it on my skin. Here’s how to use face oils to preserve your youth, straight from the experts at Good Housekeeping magazine.

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Counteract Dull Skin

Sometimes you look in the mirror only to find that your skin isn’t looking too great. If dullness is plaguing you, simply rub a dab of face oil between your hands and gently rub it over your face. The oil will hydrate and provide a healthy looking glow that helps you look younger and fresher with very little effort. You can do this over your makeup without messing up your look.


Swap out Your Regular Moisturizer for Face Oil

Moisturizer is an important step in any girl’s skincare routine. Without it, your skin can become dry, flaky, tight and itchy. While that is certainly uncomfortable, cracked skin is hard to cover up and can increase the risk of an infection. In short, you have to use moisturizer. However, many women are saying that replacing the regular kind with a great face oil enhances the hydration benefits so it never hurts to give it a try.


Start with Just a Drop or Two to Prevent a Greasy Look

Used correctly, face oils won’t make you look greasy and icky. However, using too much can. The experts suggest starting with just a couple of drops because in most cases, a little goes a long way. If that’s not enough add another drop or two until you get where you want to be.


You Can Add Face Oils to Your Other Skincare Products

If you aren’t sure you want to use face oil on its own, you can easily add it to your other products and still reap the benefits. A drop or two in your moisturizer is the perfect way to start integrating face oils into your skincare routine. You might also want to mix a dab into your daily sunscreen. Once you start to notice a difference, you may decide to start using the oil on its own.


Use Face Oil as a Highlighter

Highlighter is the perfect way to enhance your complexion and look younger. Face oil can be a great substitute for the highlighters you see on store shelves. When you swipe it on, you draw your eye toward the places you want to show off and keep them away from the parts you want to mask a little bit. Try face oil as a highlighter and you’ll see what I mean.

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Apply Face Oil to Damp Skin

Just like traditional moisturizer, face oils work really well when applied to damp skin. This helps lock in the moisture to give you the plumpest, youngest and most gorgeous skin you’ve ever had in your life.


Use Excess Face Oil Elsewhere

Got a little too much face oil? Use it to keep your brows in place or rub it into your hands. You can also massage it anywhere else on your body where you have patches of dry skin. This way you won’t have too much on your face, but you won’t have to waste it either.

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I have combination skin dry in winter greasy in summer which face oil will be best for me

I currently using oil of life frm body shop, its really amazing n im loving it 😉

EVERYBODY BUY "MARACUJA OIL" BY TARTE NOW!! It's the only thing my dry skin loves the most 😌

@vyla oh yes especial oils like jojoba or almond oil

I spray rosewater on my face then I add a few drops of argan oil

My face is oily skin so can I use face oil ?

I use a face oil every day before I do my makeup and after I wasted my face. And I love it!! My face is softer than ever and I have really dry skin so will definitely recommend to buy a face oil if you have dry skin😍❤️

I have tried face oils before I read this article. Does it work for me? Of course. Do I currently use now? Absolutely.

I use oil on my face. It's amazing

I love grape seed oil💋💋

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