My Favorite Winter Skincare Tips ...


My Favorite Winter Skincare Tips ...
My Favorite Winter Skincare Tips ...

Christmas and the New Year might have already been and gone, but that doesn’t mean that the winter weather has disappeared with them! If there is one thing that I hate about winter, it is the effect that the weather conditions can have on my skin. You might not have to worry about sunburn, but you still need to take the right measures to protect yourself from the harsh environment. Here are some of my favourite winter skincare tips!

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Don’t Overheat

When it’s cold outside, the temptation is to whack the heat at in your home, but this can be really bad for your skin. Being too warm all the time can cause bacteria in oily parts of your body, like your face, to really breed and multiply, so whilst you are keeping cosy, you are also giving your skin a bigger chance of breaking out.



If you live somewhere where the winter air is especially dry, then you might want to think about getting a humidifier. These nifty pieces of machinery help to add a touch of moisture back into the air, meaning that your skin won’t be as dry and flaky as it could be otherwise.



Please, please, please don’t forget to moisturise! Those harsh winter conditions are just waiting outside to bite at your skin, so if you can give it a layer of extra protection with some nice nutrients in the mix, you will come out on the other side of the season in much better condition.



You might associate having to stay hydrated more with the summer than the winter, but water is important for your skin all year round. Make sure to drink your recommended eight glasses of water every day. It has so many other health benefits besides being good for your skin, why would you not want to meet the target?



That’s right, sunscreen in the winter! Sunburn might not be a factor where you are in the winter, but we are all familiar with those bright dazzling winter days when the sun is out, and whenever the sun is out, you are being exposed to the damaging rays. You only need to check out the kinds of skin damage that people going skiing get to see that winter environments can be bad for your face too!

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