How Long Does It Take for New Skincare Products to Show Effects ...


How Long Does It Take for New Skincare Products to Show Effects ...
How Long Does It Take for New Skincare Products to Show Effects ...

Wondering how long does it take for new skincare products to show their effect? When you make the big decision to completely change your skincare regime, or add in some major products that are a change from your norm, it is completely understandable to anticipate that you will start to see positive changes in your skin almost immediately. However, contrary to what the shiny advertising might like to tell you, this isn’t always the case. Depending on what kind of skincare product you are using and how often you are using it, there can be a wide variation in the time it takes to start seeing results. Here are some of the facts relating to new skincare products and the answer for how long does it take for new skincare products to show their effect.

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With cleansers, you actually should be hoping to notice a change relatively quickly. This can be a good thing and a bad thing, as your skin will tell you pretty quickly whether it likes a new cleanser product or not. If your skin feels immediately drier, then the cleanser is probably too harsh for you, whereas if there is an increased feeling of smoothness and softness, then you have most likely hit a sweet spot with the new product. When you're wondering how long does it take for new skincare products to show their effect, pay attention to the immediate effects.


Acne Treatments

No matter what the adverts tell you, acne treatment times are pretty much a guessing game, simply because there are so many different types of acne and different types of treatments. For something like an all-over acne treatment, like a toner or salicylic acid moisturiser, you will probably start to see a decrease in whiteheads and blackheads after the first two weeks of use. There is also a chance that your acne will react to the new treatment and worsen in the first few immediate days, but this is very likely to pass in two or three days time.


Dark Spot Treatments

You shouldn’t be expecting immaculate overnight results with something like this. Products that work to decrease melanin production in your skin can take up to two months to start having a visible effect, although there is the chance that you might start to notice a super subtle lightening after two or three weeks. If the product is rich in vitamin C, however, then you can probably expect a much slower but eventually more effective path.



This is something that arguably causes the most frustration with skincare users, when are they going to be able to look like their 20-year-old selves again? Well, I think we all know, deep down inside, that many of the promises that anti-aging creams and lotions make are ones that simply cannot be met. Continued use of retinol products won’t be able to roll back the years in any amount of time, but you can expect to see an overall improvement in the state of your skin within four to six weeks, and that is if you are using a top of the line product. As for collagen products, all of the anti-aging work done there is actually underneath the skin.

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