Bikini Shaving Tips πŸ“– for Girls with Super Sensitive 😣 Skin πŸ‘™ ...

Shaving your bikini line can be an invitation for irritation if you’ve got super sensitive skin. Whether you shave it regularly or just do so when it’s time to actually don a bikini, these tips are for you. They can help you avoid the pain and breakouts shaving here can cause. Try these 7 tips so you have a silky, smooth finish to shaving.

1. Do Some Trim Work First

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If it’s been awhile since you shaved your bikini line, it can be helpful to do some trim work first. You can use a pair of men’s trimmers or even a pair of scissors to cut away the excess hair. This helps you see better when it finally is time to shave. It’s also easier on your razor. You don’t have to take time to try to rinse yucky hair clumps.

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