7 Simple Skin Icing Tricks for Girls Who Want Smooth Pretty Skin ...

By Eliza

7 Simple Skin Icing Tricks  for Girls Who Want Smooth Pretty Skin  ...

If you’ve never heard of skin icing, here’s some information you are going to love. This trendy new beauty treatment is gaining in popularity across the globe. The really good news is that you can do it right at home with a couple of ice cubes. What girl could ask for more than a beauty treatment that costs virtually nothing and doesn’t require a trip to the spa? Here’s everything you need to know before you get started.

Table of contents:

  1. icing can safely be done twice a day
  2. it’s said to make skin smoother
  3. icing boosts circulation for healthier looking skin
  4. puffy eyes will be a thing of the past after icing
  5. say goodbye to fine lines and wrinkles
  6. fight blemishes with ice
  7. there’s a proper icing technique you need to be following

1 Icing Can Safely Be Done Twice a Day

Icing is a non-invasive treatment that you can do morning and night without concern. In fact, the experts recommend doing it at both times for the most benefit. Ice therapy has actually been around for a while, but now women are starting to see the benefits, which they can reap right at home. There’s no need to ease into icing. Just go ahead and get started.

2 It’s Said to Make Skin Smoother

Sign me up! The extreme temperature of the ice is said to shrink your pores, helping give you a smoother and fresher appearance. It can also remove dirt, debris and junk, helping clear out pores, which also contributes to smoother skin. Unclogging your pores helps reduce the incidence of breakouts as well.

3 Icing Boosts Circulation for Healthier Looking Skin

When your circulation suffers, it can leave you with dull, lifeless skin. Icing helps boost circulation due to the frigid temperature of the ice. As you run the ice over your skin, it helps increase blood flow, which gives you a naturally younger and more radiant complexion. Doing so twice a day means lovely skin at all hours of the day and night.

4 Puffy Eyes Will Be a Thing of the past after Icing

No one wants to wake up with puffy eyes, but the miracle cure is at hand. Icing before your make-up can help reduce the puffiness and help you look wide awake and ready for the day. Regular icing can help keep puff at bay and you might find yourself waking up without it in no time.

5 Say Goodbye to Fine Lines and Wrinkles

If for no other reason, this is enough to get me to try icing. Experts say that twice daily icing can reduce the appearance of wrinkles you already have and help ward of the development of new ones. This is probably because of the blood flow benefits, but if it works, it works, right?

6 Fight Blemishes with Ice

Using ice on blemishes can help stop their growth and encourage the healing process. The cold temperature slows and eliminates inflammation, which helps keep breakouts from being so obvious. Icing also helps control redness so you can mask breakouts and blemishes.

7 There’s a Proper Icing Technique You Need to Be following

Now that you know all the awesome reasons to try icing, you need to know how to do it. It’s really fast and really easy! Start by washing your face. Then wrap a couple cubes of ice in a soft cloth and allow it melt and wet the cloth. Hold the cloth on each area of your face for a minute or two. Move it around in circular motions. Once finished, apply moisturizer.

Have you ever tried icing? What reason is making you want to give it a try? Let me know how it goes.

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