Don't Bare Your Bikini Line until You Read This ...


It’s summertime and you know what that means. Getting your body ready to debut this year’s hot new bikini. I’m sure you’re ramping up your workout so you can look lean and toned and you’re diligently applying the bronzer so you look kissed by the sun. That’s great, but don’t forget to pay some attention to your bikini line. That way you can hit the sand and surf to show off your entire body from top to bottom.

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Don’t Shave until the End of Your Shower

Shaving is an easy way to tame your bikini line and keep it under wraps. But the experts say to wait until the end of your shower. This allows the hair and the skin around it to soften a bit so that the hairs come out easier. That means a smooth shave without worry about razor burn or nicks that sure don’t look or feel that great.


Don’t Shave the Same Day That You Hit the Water

You can’t just shave once and be set for the entire summer. You’re going to have to keep up with it. But, always shave the day before you plan to swim, whether it’s in the ocean or the pool. The salt in sea water and the chemicals in pool water can sting the area if you’ve just shaved. That means you might wind up looking red and irritated around your bikini and people are going to wonder what the heck is going on.


Ask Your Waxing Tech How Many Times She’s Done This

Having your bikini line waxed lasts longer than a shave, but it doesn’t come without risks. You don’t want to end up with ripped skin or burns in your bikini area. When you go in for a wax job, chat up the aesthetician and ask her about her experience. She should have done this tons of times and be licensed. If not, get out of there and find someplace else.


Don’t Forget to Exfoliate down There Too

Shaving, waxing and washing are necessary, but you might be surprised to learn that you should be exfoliating too. Why? Because exfoliation helps slough off dry skin, giving you a fresh, smooth area to shave. You’ll get closer and your skin will be baby soft and youthful. Regular exfoliation also helps prevent ingrown hairs.


Spread the Love with Your Self Tanner

If you use self-tanner on your skin, you don’t want to skimp on your bikini line. When you slide into your swimsuit, you want your skin tone to match all over your body. If you don’t spread the self-tanner all over, you will look patchy and strange in your bikini. Most experts suggest taking off all your clothes before applying the product so that you don’t miss a spot.


Slather on a Good Quality Moisturizer Every Single Day

Any skin that you are planning to show off should be well hydrated. Otherwise you run the risk of looking flaky and red. The best time to moisturize is after a warm shower when your skin is still damp. When you rub it over the rest of your body, pay some attention to your bikini line, especially if you just shaved. That way your entire body looks beach ready.


Create Your Routine and Stick with It

Your bikini line is going to need TLC all summer long. That means you are going to have to do each of these steps every day or every couple of days. It doesn’t take a ton of time to create a routine and you’ll be so glad you did. You will never have a bikini faux pas and your summer will be full of only good memories.

What are you doing to get your bikini line ready? Aren’t you excited for summer?

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Good tips. Too bad I'm not going to be wearing any bikinis. Being fat plus cellulite PLUS stretch marks equal hell to the no. -_- fml

@kittykat3 I used to have that mindset too until i realized that my bigger body had given birth to three gorgeous girls. Maybe you've never had kids but you're bigger body has carried you in so many directions I'm sure. Besides, wearing a bikini can show off how confident you are which will make you look blazing hot. Don't give a f about what society says. Go for it! I also recommend high waisted or skirted if you're sensitive of your tummy and thighs. (Not that they need to hide) in sure you're a beautiful, inspiring amazing woman and I wish you the best.

Yes Kitty, put on your bathing suit and have a ball! Don't waste your time worrying about what other people think.

Semen is great for rough shaving

Who gives a shit Kitty? I sure as heck am not going to sacrifice my fun because of a little cellulite

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