Tan Line Prevention Tips You'll Love if You Live in Your Bikini ...


Tan Line Prevention Tips You'll Love if You Live in Your Bikini ...
Tan Line Prevention Tips You'll Love if You Live in Your Bikini ...

It's always nice to visit the beach for a few hours and then come with a newly tanned body. However, it's a lot less fun to realize that you have embarrassing tan lines from your bathing suit straps, jewelry, and watch. In order to avoid those problems, you have to plan ahead. Before you step into the sun again, you should learn these tips for preventing tan lines:

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Adjust Your Swimsuit Straps

Tanning naked is the best way to prevent tan lines. Of course, since you probably won't be visiting a nudist beach, you can settle for wearing a strapless bathing suit top. That way, you won't have any tan lines on your shoulders for others to see. Of course, if you already have a gorgeous bathing suit with straps, you can occasionally adjust those straps while you're tanning to make sure that all of the different areas of your skin are exposed to the sun for equal periods of time.


Don't Miss a Spot when Applying Sunscreen

Don't underestimate the importance of sunscreen. Even if you want to get tan, you should still apply some lotion to make sure that you don't burn. If you hate tan lines, then it's especially important for you to make sure that you apply the lotion all over. If you miss a spot, then you're going to end up with an uneven tan for weeks.

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Use a Self Tanner to Avoid the Sun

If you're worried about getting tan lines, you can use a self tanner to darken your skin instead of sitting in the sun for hours. If you already have tan lines, then you can try to use the self tanner to even out your skin tone. Just be careful, because you don't want to end up turning the lines from super pale to super dark.

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Exfoliate Tan Lines with Honey and Lemon

If you already have tan lines, then you can reduce them by exfoliating with a mixture of honey and lemon juice. Leave the mixture on your skin for a little under a half-hour, and then wash it right off. It won't get rid of your tan lines completely, but it should make them less prominent.

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Use Foundation on Tan Lines

You don't have to stick to using foundation on your face. If you have tan lines on your shoulders, feel free to pour that foundation onto the spot in order to cover up the area. Just make sure that you blend it into your skin well enough, so that it's not noticeable that you have makeup on your body.

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Exfoliate Tan Lines with Baking Soda

Baking soda is another great cure for tan lines. All you have to do is mix a cup of it with a tablespoon of sugar and a half cup of water. When you're finished, use it in the shower to exfoliate your skin.

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Buy a Tan-through Swimsuit

2015 is a magical time. There are now special swimsuits, called "tan-through swimsuits," that allow you to tan right through the fabric. So if you're super self-conscious about tan lines, you can invest in one of these newfangled bathing suits.

Everyone gets tan lines, but no one likes what they look like. That's why you should follow these tips in order to feel beautiful in your skin. Have you gotten a tan this summer?

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Kailee and Bobbie. So how do people in UAE not get any skin cancer even though they're regularly having the sun?!

Australia also has a hole in the ozone layer, therefore in another climate that may not be valid for sun exposure. Check the uv index, my lovelies and wear spf 30 bc higher than spf 50 might cause damage to your body because certain chemicals are produced

Or you could fully enjoy your time at the beach and not worry about something so insignificant. Plus, tan lines are kinda cute

Go tanning naked

I go tanning year round to get a sunkissed beautiful glow

In the kidneys that haven't yet been through research studies☀️☀️have fun in the sun.

No matter how you are getting your tan - natural or tanning bed, stop it now. Skin cancer is no joke. Either are the wrinkles.

@jessica any country that has a lot of sun exposure has high skin cancer results. Australia has the largest amount of skin cancer patients, with it being almost 2/3 of Australia having at least a cancerous mole. Skin cancer isn't always life threatening if caught right away they can cut the skin off, so you don't hear about it unless they ignored it and it spread to much. But if you Google skin cancer in every country, the spikes in sunny countries are terrifying.

Tan lines never have really bothered me...

I'm naturally tan

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