The Best Ways to Tackle Oily Skin for Girls Struggling with It ...


The Best Ways to Tackle Oily Skin for Girls Struggling with It ...
The Best Ways to Tackle Oily Skin for Girls Struggling with It ...

Do you have oily skin? It's terrible, isn't it? Fortunately, there are some great ways to tackle oily skin that should have you matte and lovely in no time. Of course, it's always a good idea to talk to your dermatologist to rule out a skin issue that's leading to the grease. Oily skin can be a hassle but hopefully you can try some of these ways to tackle oily skin so you can cope.

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The Right Primer

eyebrow, beauty, human hair color, lip, nose, Primers can make or break your makeup and are one of the best ways to tackle oily skin! I tend to go for primers that are not hydrating and would rather deal with a silicone or primer that has a dry paste-like feel. I have noticed that when I use primers that are heavy creams my skin feels overly hydrated making me look oily before I walk out the door. I would definitely recommend a primer that mattifies and reduces pores.



beauty, fashion model, human hair color, eyebrow, model, I currently use my toner for more than just an even canvas. It gives my skin a fresh feel after washing and it absorbs some of the oils left over by my oil-based face wash. (This helps remove makeup easier). I apply the toner with a cotton pad or ball and dab it on my face, neck and chest area. Easy, right?



beauty, hair accessory, model, supermodel, fashion model, Many people get mixed up when it comes to their skin, so they overcompensate. People who have oily skin sometimes assume this means they should use only absorbing products. BIG MISTAKE! If you constantly apply products to your skin that reduce the amount of oil, your body will do the exact opposite and produce MORE! One way to tackle this is to wash your face and apply a moisturizer or light oil to your skin and allow it to absorb overnight. By morning your skin should feel as though it has produced an adequate amount of oil and received some form of nutrient that will cut the shine.


Translucent Powders

eyebrow, human hair color, beauty, hairstyle, black hair, No one likes to constantly pound on makeup during the day to fight oily skin. Sometimes we begin to look cakey or “overdone.” I like to apply my primer first and then apply a layer of translucent powder to seal it in. This will give extra protection and the oils will have a harder time seeping through. Once you’ve done that, apply your foundation as usual. Then apply another thin layer of translucent powder to set it in place. At this point your skin should look matte and if you just so happen to like the dewy look, a couple of sprays of a setting mist should help take away the powdery look.


On Those HOT Days

skin, beauty, chin, girl, black hair, For oily girls, it seems as though we always end up looking like a disco ball! I can’t say that is not true, however, we can be safe. Carry around a few blotting papers to soak up the oil during the day. Of course, the heat makes it worse and it may feel like your melting but blotting papers can be a lifesaver.



hair, human hair color, fashion model, shoulder, hairstyle, As always water, water, water! Water makes up about 50% to 65% of our adult body, therefore you need a lot of it. If you can’t get those 8 glasses a day as recommended, please attempt to drink enough so that you are hydrated and healthy. I know it can be hard to incorporate water, but your hair, skin, and nails with thank you kindly. Try to make it a habit and your body will take it from there.


A Clean Pillowcase

leg, girl, photo shoot, sitting, black hair, Some of us may forget that not only our face touches our pillowcases but so does our hair and all of the products we’ve used to care for our outer beauty. All of the dirt and oil on your pillowcase gets on your face, causing acne and all sorts of skin issues. Wash your pillowcase at least once a week and never go to sleep with makeup on.

What are some ways that you combat your oily skin? Any suggestions for me?

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