Genius Tips to Unclog Stubborn Pores for Girls Who Struggle ...

By Alicia

Clogged pores are the pathway to acne. Blackheads and pimples aren’t far away once you’ve got pore issues. The good news is that you don’t have to sit by and wait for bad skin to take over your life. There’s a lot you can do to unclog your pores and have better skin than you’ve ever had.

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Wash Your Face Twice a Day

Unclogging your pores starts with having a clean face. Wash your face with a facial cleanser twice a day. It’s important to wash it both morning and evening, but evening is most important because of the need to remove your makeup and the residue of the day before you go to sleep. Your skin rejuvenates itself as you sleep and having a clean slate to work with is imperative. This one step can make a big difference in your skin.


Use the Right Skincare Products

Not everyone has the same skin type. Make sure you’re using a line of skincare that’s right for your skin. You can have dry, oily, combination, sensitive or acne prone skin. There are skincare products for each of those skin types. Neutrogena is a good basic line of skincare that has different options and is dermatologist recommended.


Experiment with Charcoal Products

I’ve never used charcoal products but I really want to and plan to purchase some soon. Charcoal is supposed to be amazing at purifying your pores. I’ve read a lot of great reviews on products formulated with charcoal. There are drugstore brands and high end brands that offer products with this ingredient. Amazon alone will give you 869 hits in the beauty department for products with this ingredient.


Discover the Power of Steam

Steam is your friend when it comes to unclogging your pores. It opens your pores up so that you can clean more deeply. It’s very simple to use steam in this way. Simply fill a bowl with very hot water and lean over it for a few minutes while draping a towel over your head. The best time to do this is right before you apply a mask.


Use a Mask Specifically for Unclogging Your Pores

There are masks specifically designed for the purpose of unclogging your pores. Look for words like “purifying,” “clarifying,” and “clay” in the name of the mask. Those words usually mean they’re a deep cleaning product. Some good ones to try are Origins Clear Improvement Mask, Philosophy Purity Made Simple Mask and Clean and Clear Blackhead Eraser Cleansing Mask. There’s probably a similar mask in your favorite brand, too.

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Treat Your Clogged Pores from the inside out

In other words, eat and drink healthy. Our habits show up in our skin. This is unfortunate if you have a love for junk food. You don’t have to completely give up your favorite treats but for every healthy choice you make, your skin will reward you. In time, you may even find that you’d rather have a bottle of water and a fruit salad than a soda and cookies.


Switch Your Foundation up

It’s possible that your foundation is the problem behind your clogged pores. This is especially true if it’s a heavy foundation or one that’s moisturizing and you’ve got oily or acne prone skin. Switch to something lighter and you may notice a big difference. Mineral foundations are a good choice for women who are prone to having clogged pores and acne. You could also skip foundation and do your eyes and lips if you feel confident enough for this choice.

These are 7 ideas to help you make clogged pores a thing of the past. Which ones do you plan to try? I love reading your comments!

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I know this comment has been overused, by now this should be engrained in our brains, wash your cosmetic brushes a good disinfectant that I use is diluted tea tree oil after washing my makeup brushes, doesn't smell like roses but it achieves a goal, clean, bacteria free applicators. LaRoche Posay has a fantastic line of products for unclogging pores, if memory serves me correctly, Effaclar is the product line. I use Effaclar Duo, it's for unclogging pores and I apply it twice daily on my once blackhead infested (I know gross right) nose and it works, I might see the odd blackhead but nothing in comparison to the past. Easiest, as a cosmetician, they are trained and versed in all things skin...sorry for the long post

This information is really helpful

@splashhh no they don't. They don't open nor close. They can be steamed to unlodge what is blocking it, but it does not open it any wider. Pore size is genetic. It can't be changed by warmth or cold. Goose bumps are not your pores opening or closing, its the hair standing straight up at an angle, and so it appears raised. Not opened or closed. Because pores don't do that. They stay the same size regardless of temperature.

Pores do not open and close. So steam doesn't do anything. Some people just have more pronounced pores.

@taylor oh pores do open and close have u ever felt cold and had goose bumps yh thats our pores .

@alyx is right. Pores do not open or close. They are part of your skin. Some people have naturally bigger or smaller pores. The only way to hide them is using a smoothing primer to "fill"(blur) them. But makeup is temporary

I've cleared up my skin by 70% just by cutting oils out of my skincare and foundation, i have dry skin with oily t-zone and apparently my skin doesn't need nourishing (oils) but moisterizing (water). Also cutting down on foundation use (it's hard at firqt but once your skin clears up you won't need it anymore, i only wear it for parties wich is once in 2weeks or something) and taking my make-up of in a different way (make-up remiver, miccelair water, toner, lotion, moisterizer). Little steps but they saved my skin. My skincare actually takes longer than my make-up routine but it's sooooo worth it!

Help with blackheads?

This advise is good

I recently "cleansed my pores" with an apple cider vinegar wash it was quite good!