Signs You Need to Ditch Your Skincare Routine and Go Simple ...

By Alison

Signs You Need to Ditch Your Skincare Routine and Go Simple ...

Skincare these days has become a lot more complicated than 'cleanse, tone and moisturise'. Perhaps too complicated, not to mention expensive! The skincare companies want us to believe that we need an array of products, which we duly buy in the hope of getting more youthful, glowing skin. But could we be overdoing it and creating more problems for our skin? Here are 7 signs you need to simplify your skincare routine …

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You Have an Ever Growing Collection of Skincare Products

face, human action, person, hair, nose, A typical male bathroom contains nothing but shampoo, shower gel and toothpaste (although male grooming ranges are catching up these days). Female bathrooms, however, are often bursting with an ever-expanding collection of pots and potions, all promising to work wonders on our skin. Most of them don't. If your skincare collection is getting out of hand, perhaps you need to simplify your routine …


You're Having a Reaction, and You've No Idea What's Causing It

hair, eyebrow, face, nose, cheek, Have you experienced a reaction to a skincare product? When you're using a number of different products it's difficult to isolate which product is causing the reaction, much less the ingredient responsible. If your skin is sensitive, try to use fewer products, so that you can tell which, if any, is the problem.


Your Skin's Getting Worse, in Spite of All the Products You're Using

hair, black hair, clothing, face, hairstyle, Overuse of skincare products can actually create more problems than the ones you're trying to solve. It's also harder to identify which product doesn't suit your skin or is causing a reaction. So if your skin is getting worse, in spite of all the products you're using, consider the possibility that it might improve with a simpler routine.


You Only Use a Fraction of the Products You Buy (or Never Use Them up)

hair, eyebrow, face, cheek, nose, If you buy loads of different products, chances are that you'll never finish any of them. The problem is that you're continually looking for the perfect product, and you're never happy enough with any of them to finish the pot or tube. It's a waste of your hard-earned cash. So if your bathroom is full of half-used pots, you will probably benefit from cutting right down.


You're Always Running Late Because Your Routine Takes Too Long

hair, human hair color, face, blond, eyebrow, If you can't leave the house before applying a dozen different products, you're going to be always running late. Save the complicated skincare for times when you're more relaxed, and pare your morning routine right down. Some products don't need to be used every day anyway, so by overusing them you could be causing problems with your skin.

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You Keep Adding New Products but Your Skin Isn't Improving

hair, face, person, eyebrow, woman, If you're not seeing any benefit, in spite of trying new products, this could be a sign that you're using too many different products. Try simplifying your routine. While the extra products may not necessarily be harming your skin, there's no point in using products that aren't doing any good.


You're a Sucker for Every New Product

face, clothing, nose, finger, cap, Finally, if you eagerly rush off to buy every new product that celebs and glossy magazines rave about, you're falling for the hype and wasting your money. Just because a celeb credits a new cream for her youthful skin doesn't make it true. You're simply being hoodwinked. Do your skin and your bank balance a favor, and leave those 'amazing' products on the shelf.

Are there any products that you think justify the hype?

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This was most definitely me in high school.

Definitely NOT!

I use a face wash, toner, serum, moisturizer and sunscreen every morning. Same thing at night, I just replace the sunscreen with retinol, only time will tell if this has worked for me!

You're so right, ladies. The best thing to do for your skin is to gently clean it and moisturize with a good SPF.

I totally agree with you ladies.

Less is more

Of all the skin creams I would say the one essential is a good serum. Use it morning and night and you can skip the rest of facial creams if no time etc. it's my basic product .

I have the opposite problem. I have no idea what to use so I don't buy anything. I have some Olay face wash. It took me 20 minutes at target just to pick that out.

@ReneeK there isnt anything wrong with that! Lots of girls waste money and buy products too often. Be happy you do not have that problem.