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Girl's Guide to Diminish Dark Spots on Your Skin ...

By Eliza

Dark spots are a natural part of the aging process. When you get them depends on how often you wear sunscreen and how well you care for your skin. In some cases, the spots can be blamed on genetics. No matter why you have them, chances are you want to get rid of them. I’m with you, which is why I’m on a mission to try a bunch of different methods for lightening them. I’ll share them with you so you can mix and match the techniques to mask your own dark spots. Let me know how it goes!

1 Start Exfoliating Three Times per Week

According to the experts, three is the magical number when it comes to exfoliating to get rid of dark spots. Exfoliating essentially removes the top layer of your skin, which helps lighten it. Do it often enough and you should start seeing a lightening of your dark spots pretty quickly. Use a gentle exfoliator to prevent damage to your skin and use circular motions to get the best results.

2 Make an Appointment to Have an Intense Pulsed Light Treatment

Also known as an IPL, this type of treatment is done in your dermatologist’s office and involves having a laser shone onto your dark spots to help break up the pigment and lighten the areas. The treatment can be pricey and you’ll probably need it more than once to see a difference.

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3 Try a Bleaching Cream, with Caution, of Course

True its name, this type of cream bleaches the color from your dark spots, resulting in a more even complexion. This type of treatment is often appropriate for dark spots caused by age, hormones or sun damage. However, bleaching creams don’t come without their share of side effects, so be sure to use them according to the package directions and make sure you talk with your doctor before use.

4 Slather on Some Lemon Juice for a Natural Remedy

Want something a bit less harsh than a bleaching cream? I much prefer natural remedies when they’re available because you don’t have to worry so much about the negative consequences. Lemon juice is a fabulous choice for dark spots because it has lightening qualities. Apply the juice in small amounts to your dark spots on a regular basis and watch them start to fade in no time.

5 Incorporate a Brightening Product into Your Skincare Routine

This type of product works over time and you should start to see results in a few weeks. The product is typically applied twice per day and helps even your complexion and brighten your skin, helping to mask and fade dark spots. Skin brighteners come in all price ranges so you’re sure to find one that fits your budget.

6 Apply a Few Drops of Grapeseed Oil Right at Home

Here’s another natural remedy that is totally worth giving a try. It’s easy! All you have to do is smear a couple of drops into the dark spots that are bothering you. This isn’t an instant cure and it will take a bit of time to notice the difference, so don’t give up. Stick with it and you’ll love your even skin tone in no time.

7 Talk to Your Dermatologist about Trying Hydroquinone

This should be a last ditch effort to rid yourself of those pesky dark spots. You’ll need a prescription from your dermatologist, but hydroquinone is widely considered the gold standard for removing dark spots on your skin. However, it can only be used for a short time period and isn’t a permanent addition to your skincare routine like some of these other methods are.

Do you have dark spots? What causes them? Will you try any of these techniques for getting rid of them?

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