Save Tons of Money with This DIY Face Mask That Gets Rid of Acne ...

By Holly

Save Tons of Money with This DIY Face Mask That Gets Rid of Acne ...

If you hate your acne, there's a face mask that you should be applying to your skin once a week. You don't have to head out to the store to buy one, because Glamour has instructions on how to make one with items in your fridge. Interested? Then listen up:

** Here are the ingredients you're going to need: **
-1/4 cup of papaya.
-5 dark concord grapes.
-1 teaspoon fresh lime juice.
-3 teaspoons of plain Greek yogurt.
-1/4 cup of warmed raw honey.
-1/2 teaspoon turmeric.

Once you have all of your ingredients together, you should warm the honey for a few seconds and then toss it in a blender with the fresh papaya, Greek yogurt, lime juice, grapes and turmeric. Blend it until it's smooth, and then apply a thin layer to your face. Keep it on you for 10 minutes, and then you can remove it with warm water on a wet washcloth. Make sure to move the towel in a circular motion to get rid of all of those pesky dead skin cells.

Get those ingredients together and get to work! What other face masks have you used in the past?

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These ingredients are very dangerous, be ware, they can worsen Rosacea, and we all know that Rosacea usually related to acne. In general they are not sensitive skin friendly at all.

I think Alyx should be a writer on here! Always got some pearls of wisdom to share. Love reading your comments 😀

Shivani, I haven't done my research over turmeric so I don't have a comment on that but she's completely right about lime juice. It's not good even if you moderate it, there's absolutely no benefits of it.

Also, patch test the honey on your skin to make sure your skin doesn't have a bad reaction to it, you can eat honey all the time and it can still break you out, just a little tip :)

Taylor you are way too judgemental with these comments. Turmeric is a natural anti-inflammatory and I use it as a mask weekly without feeling dry at all. Lime juice is a natural brightener. Use these with caution, as they are only good in moderation.

If that fails, go to the doctor. They can help figure out if it's hormones or something your doing.

@helen thank you! I would love to, just to educate some of these writers, but my life is quite hectic to be a writer, especially one that doesn't make tons money off it, and my writing is not that great. It would be very rambly and spastic amounts of information lol. I've often thought of it but can never get anything worth posting, it takes me forever to be happy with anything I write for the public rather than just comments, and it would definitely not be well written lol. I was never good at writing nonfiction essays in school. Maybe sometime soon I'll work on something and just not post it till I have it all perfected lol. But thank you

Turmeric has a good effect on my skin, and I use it weekly. Never had any problems with it, or with honey, or with lime juice. It depends on one's skin sensitivity I assume.


Well, in the meantime we appreciate your comments. It's helpful to have someone point out the errors. Will never put lemon juice on my face again thanks to you!

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