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More and more men are embracing a good skincare routine. Using moisturizer and other products is no longer seen as sissy. But it isn’t all ju8st about picking a product from the shelf. Skincare for men has a manual just as female skincare does. Here are some choice picks you should educate your man with to help his skin stay looking great.

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Cheap Razors Are Not His Friend

You wouldn’t use a cheap razor on your face so don’t let your man. Not only do they cut his face up, they also damage the skin, the hair follicles, and they cause abrasions. A good razor will help to keep his skin better looking and blemish free. There are many good reasons why men should look after their skin, but the fact they have to shave five days per week should be enough incentive. Shaving puts a man’s skin under a lot of pressure and torment, which means his skin can take a turn for the worst if he neglects it.


The Products He Needs

It’s so easy to be confused by the huge array of skincare products and men’s ranges and options are growing by the day. There are essentially four products a man needs: a cleanser for his skin type that will remove the daily dirt and sweat; an exfoliator to use twice a week, preferably one with lactic acid and enzymes to lift dry, dull skin; a hydrating but lightweight moisturizer that contains hyaluronic acid to promote natural health and help with ageing, and sunscreen to reduce the harmful effects of the sun’s rays. Help him choose.


He Needs to Eat Greeny Goodness

Let’s not enter into a biology lesson about how greens are good for a person. Suffice it to say that a portion of greeny goodness every day is going to help keep his skin healthy. Try introducing him to kale or spinach juice. He may resist at first, but tell him that as well as keeping his skin healthy it will make his penis bigger or make him last longer in bed and he will gulp it down ha ha.


Stop Him Taking Showers That Are Too Hot

It is not so much the fact that he is taking a shower, it is that men tend to be as tall as the shower head itself. They get a hot blast of scorching water in the face. If you cannot raise your shower head higher, then have him take slightly cooler showers otherwise the hot water directly in the face will wash away the oils in his skin that keep it healthy.


He Must Exercise More or His Skin Will Suffer

Women say they have a tough time convincing their men to cleanse their skin because it is a feminine thing, but you can have his body cleanse its own skin. When a man exercises, the heat, the pressure, the sweat and the salt will help to clear his pores, strip his skin of dead cells, and rejuvenate his flesh. A gentle shower afterwards will help remove the dirt his skin has rejected from his pores.


He Should Quit Using a Beard as a Cover

Some men think that a beard covers blemishes, black heads, spots and dry skin. To the outside world it may be a nice cover and it may conceal his chin garden of nastiness, but if you are the one that has to kiss him you’ll see it’s all still there. Either have him clean himself thoroughly, or get rid of the hair all together.


Stop Him Washing All the Time

Just like for your own skin, if a man washes his face too frequently, then it saps all for the natural oils in his skin that keep it good looking. It may actually cause patchy skin and skin problems. Applying moisturizer will only slow the decay--it will not stop it. Encourage him to stay out of the bathroom and to wash his face a little less frequently.

Teaching your man about skincare is going to help him look and feel better and you get a win out of it cos you’ll love his smooth, healthy skin - a great excuse for more kissing and facial touching. Does your man have a skincare routine?

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