Dangerous Habits That Could Cause Skin Cancer ...


You definitely don’t want to deal with skin cancer because it can disfigure you, but it can also kill you. There are some habits that contribute to the development of skin cancer and knowing what they are can help you avoid them. I know that changing a habit is easier said than done, but if you want to keep your skin healthy and smooth, you must stop these habits right away. It won’t be simple, but you’ll be so glad you did it. Start with one and add the others as you get used to things.

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Forgetting to Wear Sunscreen is a No-No

One of the main contributors to skin cancer is unprotected sun exposure. That’s why it’s absolutely imperative that you put on sunscreen every time you are out in the sunshine. That includes the time you spend walking to and from the car, driving and sitting by a window. If your skin is exposed, it should have sunscreen all the time. Reapply often to ensure total protection.


Saying “No Thanks” to Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and veggies are an important part of any healthy meal plan. They are loaded with nutrients that promote healthy skin. In addition, they are one of the best sources of antioxidants, which fight free radical damage, helping you ward off the cellular changes that can lead to skin cancer. Make room on your plate for a variety of fruits and veggies every single day.


Giving in to Your Sweet Tooth Too Often

Sugar interferes with proper skin health and eating too much of it can lead to sagging and wrinkles. It’s hard to cut back on sugar because it sneaks into a lot of foods you wouldn’t expect it. However, you can make dramatic improvements to your skin by skipping the soda, candy and desserts most of the time. An occasional splurge is fine, but don’t overdo it.


You Spend Time Lounging in a Tanning Booth

Unprotected sun exposure is a definite no-no, but using tanning beds is no better. The light they give off simulates sunshine and can lead to skin cancer, not to mention leathery skin as you get older. You have to quit using tanning beds and start using a self-tanning cream or spray instead. You’ll still get the glow you crave, but without the dangers that come with tanning beds.


You Don’t Cover up Properly in the Sun

When you hang out in the sunshine, you need to be properly covered. At the very least, you should have on a wide-brimmed hat to shade your face, neck and ears. Some experts strongly encourage lightweight pants and a long-sleeved shirt as well. I know – it’s way too hot for that sometimes, but you should try to cover up as much as possible to reduce your exposure to the sun’s harmful rays.


You Figure You Need More Vitamin D

Some women make the mistake of assuming they need some sun to ensure proper vitamin D levels. That’s simply not safe. Instead, have your levels tested and then take a supplement to fill any gaps. This is a much better choice than spending too much time in the sun without sunscreen.


Forgetting to Make an Annual Appointment with Your Dermatologist

You should be seeing a dermatologist at least once a year for a full body check. Your derm will check you over and make sure there aren’t any problematic moles or lesions that need to be removed and biopsied. She can also solve other skin issues. Pencil your dermatologist in every 12 months and you’ll never have to worry about skin cancer getting beyond the point of no return.

How do you prevent skin cancer? Are you making any of these mistakes?

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Agreed with happygirl. But make sure that those are including anytime spent near windows, or in the car, or anywhere else you are getting unintentional direct sunlight. You can usually get 10-15 minutes while getting ready in the morning. I do while making breakfast, standing in front of a big window with natural sunlight.

Sorry, but no supplement is better than vitamin in its natural form. Update your knowledge and end with the sun demonization, nowadays dermatologists recommend 10-15 minutes of unprotected sun exposure to actually PREVENT cancer.

Happygirl "Update your knowledge" you would need to update your manners. If this woman had gave out bad advice KINDLY tell her that, don't just sit there and tell her to update. That is rude as hell. But thank you on giving us your knowledge on it too. But I'm pretty sure you could've addressed it better 😒

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