The Ins and Outs of Chemical Peels for Girls Who Want a Much Better Skin ...


The Ins and Outs of Chemical Peels for Girls Who Want a Much Better Skin ...
The Ins and Outs of Chemical Peels for Girls Who Want a Much Better Skin ...

A chemical peel is a beauty treatment which is to improve the appearance of your skin. It can be applied to the face, neck and hands. In effect, it is a deep exfoliation treatment in which a chemical solution is applied to the skin, which then “peels” off, leaving behind newly regenerated skin, less wrinkled and smoother. As an anti-ageing measure, chemical peels are seen as a good alternative to cosmetic surgery. Of course, there are risks to any facial treatment so it’s good to understand the pros and cons of chemical peels before deciding it’s right for you.

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They Can Reduce Wrinkles

The result of a standard chemical peel on the face is a slight tightening of the skin, which encourages a minimizing of light wrinkles. Chemical peels are a great choice for people who are looking to freshen up their skin and reduce issues like fine wrinkle lines found around the mouth and near the eyes, such as crow’s feet. A chemical peel should be seen as a less permanent alternative to something more drastic like Botox.


They Won’t Reduce Severe Wrinkles

It is important to note that whilst chemical peels can provide a short term fix for light age lines, they will not have much of an effect on deeper, more severe wrinkles such as significant forehead lines. The reason for this is that the peel is only designed to remove the very top layer of your skin, so do not go in for a treatment believing that you are going to remove ten years from your aesthetic age. They do make a difference, but it is definitely not a miracle treatment.


It Can Rectify Uneven Skin Pigmentation

As a result of the chemical peel removing the top layer of the skin on your face, the treatment has the potential to lessen the appearance and prominence of uneven skin pigmentation issues, including freckles, age spots and unexplained darker patches. The layer that is removed is the one that has been exposed to the sun, so the fresh layer underneath will be much less affected by the elements.


It Can Sometimes CAUSE Uneven Skin Pigmentation!

I know, confusing, right? What you have to remember about getting a chemical peel is, well, the chemical part! If not undertaken in a sensible and professional manner, a peel can sometimes do more harm than good, with such side effects including actually removing some skin pigmentation to leave much lighter patches behind. Admittedly, this side effect is much more noticeable on people with a darker skin tone, but it is certainly a risk worth knowing about when deciding whether to have a peel or not.


It Can Make Skin Softer and Smoother

By removing all of the dead skin cells that were laying on the top layer of the face’s skin, a chemical peel works to reveal the smoother, softer, fresher skin that has been laying underneath it. This can make your whole face look much brighter and feel much nicer, providing a more youthful appearance.


Your Skin Can Become Dry, Itchy and Sore

Have you noticed the pro and con theme throughout? It is a natural occurrence for your skin to slightly dry for a few days after the top layer has been peeled away, but if this dryness turns into soreness and discomfort then it could be an indication of an unsuccessful treatment that has removed more layers than was intended.


It’s a Judgment Call

So, you’ve seen all the pros and cons of a chemical peel, now the decision is purely up to you. If you do decide it could be for you, then make sure you seek professional experience for the treatment. After all, chemicals are not something you want to mess around with!

Is a chemical peel something you would consider or are you happy with your at-home exfoliation?

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I love Boscia exfoliating peel. I use it once or twice a month and that's enough for me. My face was a disaster after a horrible breakout. Now it's smooth and all the acne scars are disappearing. I can't live without it! I really recommend it.

It depends if this is a chemical peel which is used at home, by your beauty therapist or as a surgical procedure as all of the levels of chemicals in the product that is being used will be different wherever you have go for your facial. I have had a chemical peel by a beautician it is very good for your skin, but it leaves your skin dry and flaky (obviously), the results for me were amazing. You can only have a certain amount if you are going to a worthwhile beautician. After treatment I now no longer require them, i.e. It was a treatment course.

@noodle you are right. I do chemical peels all the time on my face (once a week or once every other week). You just have to remember to wear proper sunscreen. I mean sunscreen with drying ingredients like alcohol. I love the biore watery essence (Asian sunscreen). Using a nice face mask every so often helps too. I love the faceshop's rice facemask

Any suggestions on peels i can use at home?

It does not cause uneven skin pigmentation as long as you use SUNSCREEN every day...just thought you should know...

ive tried one and it made my skin much lighter i never used it again

Peter Thomas Roth

Talk about a walking contradiction....!

Dr Gross

Forgot to mention. Use a really good face cream afterwards and try to use the peel at night.

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