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Distract Yourself from Skin Harming Pimple Picking with THESE Tips ...

By Eliza

You know that picking your pimples is really bad, right? It slows the healing process and can leave you with nasty scars. That doesn’t mean you never do it though, right? I pick at mine from time to time too. I know I shouldn’t, but it’s so tempting. If you want to quit, I’m right there with you. The trick is to find ways to distract yourself when you want to pick away at your zits. Here are some easy things you can do to keep your mind off the pimples and on other, way better, things.

1 Call Your Bestie and Catch up on All the Gossip

It’s hard to pick pimples when you’re on the phone. Grab your cell and dial your BFF so you can talk about all the latest that’s been happening with each of you. Hash out issues, share good news and laugh together. In no time, your mind will be on other things and thoughts of pimple picking will fly out the window.

2 Paint Your Nails a Fabulous New Color

Picking pimples with wet fingernails will only smudge your polish. If you’re bored and feel like messing with your zits, grab that great new color of nail polish that you just bought and slick it on your nails. That way, you won’t want to mess up your polish and will resist the urge to pick.

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3 Grab a Book or Magazine and Read on the Back Porch

When you’re reading, you are thinking about what’s on the page, not what’s on your face. Reading is my favorite way to distract myself from anything. Chances are you have a stack of books or magazines you’ve been wanting to read. Use your pimple picking time to read instead and you get to read some great stuff and your skin will start looking better in no time.

4 Take a Walk or Lift Some Weights

Now is the time to do something good for yourself. In addition to saving your skin, distracting yourself with a workout burns calories and works your muscles. In the long term, exercise boosts circulation and can help clear your skin and leave it looking glowing and fresh. So next time you want to pick a pimple, grab your running shoes instead.

5 Play with Your Kids – the Best Distraction around

Your kids are always asking you to come play so resist the urge to do “pimple maintenance” and go play Candy Land or Hot Wheels for a while. Playing with your kids is the best way to distract yourself and it makes everyone feel great. Don’t have kids? Borrow your nieces or nephews or offer to babysit for a friend or co-worker. Heck, even playing with your dog works!

6 Experiment with Make-up to Cover Your Zits

I love trying new make-up trends. Once you get a full face put on, you won’t want to pick and your pimples and mess it up. If you’re feeling the urge to mess with your acne, grab your cosmetics bag and try a new look. You’ll love feeling so fabulous that you won’t even feel the urge to pick anymore. Perfect!

7 Catch up on Netflix Queue

If worse comes to worse, cue up Netflix and you’ll get distracted with your favorite programs. While you’re riveted by the television, you won’t be thinking about your pimples and won’t feel the need to pick. Have fun!

How do you keep yourself from picking at your pimples? Will you try any of these ideas?

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