The Lowdown on Cleansing Wipes for Women with Sensitive Skin ...

By Alison

The Lowdown  on Cleansing Wipes  for Women with Sensitive Skin ...

Cleansing wipes have become a popular way of removing makeup in the last few years. They're so convenient when you're travelling, as they avoid the need to carry both cotton wool and makeup remover. But do they suit all skin types, and are they truly effective as any other cleaner? Here's the lowdown on cleansing wipes …

1 Wise on Eyes?

The skin around your eyes is more delicate than elsewhere on the face, so it pays to treat it gently. If you're using wipes to remove your eye makeup, you may find that you have to rub quite hard to remove it - and that can help to form lines. If you do want to use wipes on your eyes, buy ones that are meant for the eyes - but the best bet is to save wipes for when you're travelling, and use liquid makeup remover on your eyes when you're not.

2 Watch out for Alcohol

Many wipes include alcohol among the ingredients, which helps to remove thick makeup like foundation, but alcohol can be bad news for skin. Alcohol can be too harsh on dry skin or people who suffer from eczema. If you have skin problems or dry skin, look for alcohol-free wipes or avoid them altogether.

3 Save Sensitive Skin

If you have sensitive skin, you must use a wipe that's meant for your skin type. Many wipes will be too strong for you and contain cleansers that will irritate your skin. Wipes often leave the harsh cleansers on your skin, because you're not rinsing them off. The wipe itself may also be too rough for your skin. So be very cautious of using this type of product.

4 Awful Allergies

Wipes can be a problem if you have allergies, as they contain high levels of preservatives that often cause allergies. Don't buy any wipes that contain methylisothiazolinone (MI) - according to my dermatologist, 10% of people are allergic to it. Fragrance, or 'parfum', can often be a problem as well for people with allergies.

5 Banish Breakouts

If you have skin that's prone to acne or suffering breakouts, then sadly wipes are not for you. They may actually cause more breakouts by blocking pores. What's more, the way wipes are used means that you could be shifting bacteria around your face - something you definitely don't want to do.

6 Careful Cleansing

Treat wipes as the first stage in the cleansing process, not a complete answer to your cleansing needs. If you must use wipes regularly, you really need to follow up with a cleanser and rinse with water. This will take care of any product left on your skin that may cause irritation.

7 Top Techniques

There is actually a right way and a wrong way to use cleansing wipes. People tend to be much too fast and don't give the product time to work properly. Hold the wipe on your skin for a few moments before gently wiping. Then follow up with a cleanser and rinse with water.

Cleansing wipes aren't for everyone, but if you choose the right one for your skin it's a convenient way of removing your makeup. Do read the label carefully and avoid brands containing harsh ingredients. Do you have any beauty time-savers that you can share with busy readers?

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Its a repeated article

I agree with you .. Wipes aren't a complete cleansing solution .. But .. They're bloody great when you're feeling lazy after a night out lol !

Forget about Internet, forget about computers! Wipes in general are the best invention of the twentieth century!

Thanks for the article

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