7 Ways to Guarantee You'll Stop Popping Your Pimples ...


7 Ways to Guarantee You'll Stop Popping Your Pimples ...
7 Ways to Guarantee You'll Stop Popping Your Pimples ...

I know there’s no need for me to tell you that you really shouldn’t pop your pimples. The odd one every now and then is not a problem, but if you are a regular picker and popper, you can do more damage than you might imagine. Pimples go away, but picked and popped pimples become permanent blemishes and scars. But how do you control your urge to purge?

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Try to Keep Your Hands Busy

One of the best ways to stop popping pimples is to try to keep your hands busy as much as you can. The urge to pop can often come when you are bored and doing nothing, so get on the computer and do some typing, play a game on your phone, do some spring cleaning around the house - anything that is going to occupy the fingers that otherwise would be all over your face trying to pop as many zits as possible!


Avoid Looking Too Deeply in the Mirror

Scanning for zits and blemishes on your face in the mirror can become something of an obsession, especially if you own one of those magnifying mirrors that makes the smallest little blemish look like huge acne! Don’t punish yourself by putting yourself in a position where you can do it a lot. Get rid of unnecessary mirrors in your home, keep it to the basics like one in the bathroom and one in the bedroom. The less temptation there is, the less you will find yourself scanning!


Leave Yourself Encouraging Notes

If you are trying to tackle this problem alone, then make sure that you can have a word with yourself by leaving handwritten notes in the most dangerous places like the bathroom that encourage you not to give in to your temptation and start popping. Finding a note telling you to stop just at the moment where you are about to start can be the little bit of motivation that you need.


Blunt Your Weapons by Keeping Your Nails Short

If your nails are short, sure, you are still going to be able to pop a zit if you really want to, but with short nails it is a lot harder to just sit there and get on with the incessant skin picking that can begin a habit like this. Sometimes a zit popping obsession can lead to a more general skin picking issue, but with short nails, this side of the habit is much harder to achieve.


Identify What Your Triggers Are

There is usually something that happens that sends you into the mood where you want to pick your skin and pop your zits, and a really helpful way to defeat this is to try to identify exactly what those trigger points are. Whether is it a particularly stressful day at work, or whenever you have an argument with a partner or a parent, there must be something that inspires you to do it.


Instead of Popping, Go Straight to Writing

Whenever you feel the urge to pick or pop your zits, then pull out your journal and write down exactly what made you want to start doing it. This works in two ways: the first being that it keeps your hands occupied; and the second that it can help you to determine what your triggers are.


Think about Seeing Somebody for Professional Help

The urge to pick your skin and pop zits that are barely there can often be the sign that you are experiencing a deeper problem in a more psychological and emotional realm. If you think this could be the case, then do not hesitate to seek professional help. There is no shame in admitting you might have a problem or a weakness that can use some external help to rectify.

Don’t be a persistent pimple popper or a zealous zit zapper. Your skin deserves better treatment than that.

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