Vital Areas That Need Sunscreen Too ...


Vital Areas That Need Sunscreen Too ...
Vital Areas That Need Sunscreen Too ...

I’m sure you don’t need to be reminded how important it is to wear sunscreen every time you go outside in the summer. However, you might need to be given a gentle nudge to remember to apply sunscreen everywhere. The sun is non-discriminatory. It will land on any bit of skin that is exposed. ANY bit of skin. That means there are places you might not imagine you need to apply your sunscreen. Like these:

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It's true that your hair acts as a natural barrier between your skin and the sun, but you should always consider using sunscreen if your hairstyle includes a part. Use a sunscreen gel because it absorbs into your skin a lot faster and is less oily too. One caveat: if your hair is light in color and really fine in texture, a sunscreen gel may not provide enough protection so wear a hat (as well) for added protection.



Most women limit SPF application to their face only and don't cover their earlobes as well as outer ridges of their ears. Unfortunately, your earlobes have very little protective pigment, which is what makes the area more vulnerable to skin cancer. Use any type of sunscreen – spray, gel, stick, cream – just make sure you don't miss this often-neglected spot.



Yes, your lips need protection too, especially your lower lip, which is at a high risk of skin cancer. Unlike your skin, your lips cannot tan so burn easily. Your regular lipstick offers no protection in this case. You should buy a lip balm with at least SPF 25 to ensure your lips stay moisturized and protected.


The Back of Your Knees and Neck

If you're planning to spend some good time out in the summer, you should start taking care of these areas from today. They’re hidden from your usual view so it’s easy to forget them. Even a good quality hat cannot protect the back of your neck from harmful UV rays, so don't take things for granted – especially if you like to pull your hair up on hot days. Always ensure these areas get the full swipe of SPF required for sufficient protection from UV rays.



Eyelids are definitely one of those places most people forget to apply sunscreen mainly because they think the sunscreen will get in their eyes. What you may not know is that many skin cancers grow in this area, so you cannot afford to ignore your eyelids when using sunscreen. If you're worried about irritating your eyes, opt for a sunscreen stick. A stick may feel a bit waxy, but it won't drip into your eyes like other creamy options.


The Areas under Your Clothes

That's a surprise, isn't it? You think those harmful UV rays can do no harm to you because you're all covered, but that's not the case, especially while wearing cotton items. Cotton and many other clothing materials cannot shield your body from those highly penetrating sunrays that lay the foundation of skin cancer. You will be better off buying specifically designed sport gear or beachwear, like opaque microfibers, which add a layer of protection to block out UV rays.


Your Feet and Hands

You might think that because you use your hands to apply sunscreen you’ve got it covered. But do you rub it on the backs of your hands too? Please ensure you do. And don’t forget your feet – including your precious tootsies and the bottoms – remember if you’re lying on your tummy on the beach/by the pool, your soles are exposed.

Have you ever been burned on extremities because you forgot sunscreen in that area? Painful isn’t it?

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I'm not putting sunscreen in my scalp...

Ears was a good thing thanks for the article

I always forget my eyelids.

I always use sunscreen but I never apply it on my ears. But now I will. Thanks for the tips:)

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