Essential Sun Protection Tips for Redheaded Girls ...


Essential Sun Protection Tips for Redheaded Girls ...
Essential Sun Protection Tips for Redheaded Girls ...

Every girl should be practicing good sun safety because it’s the best way to prevent the signs of aging on your body as well as fighting off skin cancer. Skin cancer can kill so it’s vital to be sure you are taking the proper steps to protect yourself. Because girls with red hair often have fairer skin, there are some extra measures you can take to be sure you don’t get a sunburn. If you’re a redhead, these sun tips are your best bet.

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Wear SPF All over Your Body

This is true for all girls, regardless of hair color, but redheads are more prone to sunburn because their skin is generally lighter. Choose a broad spectrum product that has a 50 SPF and make sure you apply it liberally on an exposed skin anytime you plan to be outside, even if it’s just to walk to the car. Reapply every two hours to keep your protection going.


Wear Sunscreen in Your Hair Too

The sun may wash out red hair and give it a brassy look. But far more terrifying is skin cancer on your scalp, which often goes unnoticed, raising your rates of complications. If you have a part in your hair, make sure you wear sunscreen there and apply an SPF for your hair all over to protect your color and prevent damage to your strands.


Wear a Big, Floppy Hat when You’re outside

Again, this is beneficial for all girls, but especially for fair redheads. A hat with a wide rim will keep the sun off your face, ears and neck, dramatically reducing your risk of a sunburn and protecting you from skin cancer, age spots and wrinkles. Redheads look exceptional in a big, floppy straw hat so add one to your closet today.


Put on Sun Protective Clothing

While there’s some debate about whether or not clothing washed with an SPF product is helpful or not, you can keep your delicate skin covered up as much as possible. Wear lightweight tops and pants that cover as much skin as possible. This will help keep sun damage from happening on places you can’t see or that will be uncomfortable while you’re outside. You can buy detergent that adds SPF to your clothes or you can just be diligent about choosing tightly woven fabrics that block the sun.


Don’t Forget about Your Delicate Lips

Redheads have especially delicate skin, which is why it burns more easily than other girls’ does. That includes the skin on your lips. If you plan to be outside, wear lip balm that contains SPF to block the sun’s rays and prevent damage to your lips and mouth. Skin cancer can grow on your lips so make sure you never forget about them.


Eat the Right Foods

The foods you put into your body play an active role in skin health and some of them can help ward off the damaging effects of the sun, helping prevent the cellular changes that can lead to cancer. Experts suggest foods that contain vitamins C, E and B2. You can satisfy your quota by eating a wide variety of fruits and vegetables on a daily basis.


Stay Diligent about How Your Skin Looks

Sun protection goes far beyond slathering on some sunscreen when you go outside. You must also keep a close eye on your body so that you can detect any new spots or changes to existing spots. If you notice anything like this, make an appointment with your dermatologist immediately.

Do you love or hate your red hair? How do you stay safe in the sun?

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As a redhead, I'm a big believer in retin a. We wrinkle so easily!

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