9 Clever Daytime anti-aging Tips Every Girl Needs to Know ...


9 Clever Daytime anti-aging Tips Every Girl Needs to Know ...
9 Clever Daytime anti-aging Tips Every Girl Needs to Know ...

You might think you’ve heard all the anti-aging tips in the world, but I’m here to tell you that there might be more to it than you think. Sure, sunscreen is incredibly important and you want to live a healthy lifestyle, but there are definitely some other things that are as equally important that we often overlook in day-to-day. So if you’re serious about your anti-aging tips, I strongly encourage you to explore some of the suggestions below!

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Relax Your Muscles

If you exercise regularly and you tend to go really hard at your workout, it might be showing in your face and neck. Ladies who tense their jaw and throat when exercising often have pronounced cords in those areas and it can pull down the face says dermatologist Frederic Brandt. I know this might sound like one of the stranger anti-aging tips you’ve heard, but it’s true! The next time you’re thinking about your form, make sure you take a sec to ensure that you’re not tensing your face or neck, too!


Wear Your Shades

Did you know your favorite pair of sunnies is also one of your best weapons to fight against aging? Wearing your sunglasses regularly will not only shield your sensitive eye area from sun damage, it also help reduce fine lines and wrinkles that can form from squinting. Plus, you spent all that money on designer shades, why not show them off?


Take Your Vitamins

Another way to enhance your daytime anti-aging skin care routine is take Omega-3 supplements. Omega-3 fatty acids have potent anti-inflammatory properties that are highly effective at anti-aging. But don’t just take my word for it. Dr. Arlene Noodleman of the Age Defy Dermatology and Wellness Center in California is a fan of fish oils also and takes three capsules of 500 milligram fish oil twice a day to help her skin stay supple.


Care for Your Smile

When you typically think about anti-aging tips you think of your skin, but in this case we want to focus on your teeth. Ever notice how stained, chipped or teeth with blunt edges can make your smile look aged? Maybe your teeth are great now, but if you have a habit of very slowly sipping your coffee or maybe you grind your teeth at night, your smile might end up prematurely aging you. Try not to linger over your coffee, avoid using your teeth as tools at all costs and see your dentist for help if you have issues with teeth grinding, to keep your smile looking young and bright.


Keep Away from Heat

Although we’re not exactly in the type of weather that requires any heating at the moment, the next daytime anti-aging tip is keep your distance from space heaters, fireplaces and basically anything that helps warm you up. Sitting close to a cozy heater or fire sounds comfy and all, but according to Dr. Frederic Brandt, sitting too close to a heater can cause redness and even a breakdown of collagen which equals thinner skin and wrinkles.


Eat Your Antioxidants

This next skin care tip might be as played out as the wearing sunscreen tip, but there’s a reason why people keep bringing it up! Eating foods high in antioxidants helps prevent premature aging, maintain collagen health and decrease inflammation. Some foods high in antioxidants are blueberries, red beans, pinto beans, cranberries, artichokes, blackberries and apples.


Sip Smart

We always hear that drinking water is one of the most important health and beauty tips and while it is, you’ve got to do it the right way. Dermatologist Karyn Grossman recommends against drinking water through plastic water bottles and straws as you can develop lines around your lips from always pursing your lips when you take a drink. She suggests drinking water through a bottle where you can squeeze the water into your mouth so your lips can relax.


Start Young

For all the young ladies out there, remember that it’s never too early to start taking good care of your skin. This is not to say that you need to start using a bunch of expensive anti-aging skin care products right now. It merely means that women who have great skin at an older age started protecting and taking good care of their skin and bodies at a young age. Forget tanning, eating a bunch of junk food and being inconsistent with skin care. Wear sunscreen, eat healthy and treat your skin well.


Boost Cell Turnover

Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate. I know this is another common recommendation in skin care, but holding on to old, dead skin cells not only makes your skin look dull, it also prevents your skin from properly absorbing your skin care products so they’re not as effective. No matter what type of skin care products you use, gentle exfoliation is key to getting the most out of your products.

Taking care of your skin might seem like a chore at times, but believe me when I say that your hard work will pay off and show! I hope you try out some of these anti-aging tips and let me know how they work for you. Do you have any anti-aging skin care tips that you’d like to share?

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I disagree about exfoliating. Actually, exfoliating is bad for the skin and should not be done often. It is "okay" to do it once a month but not more. The dead skin cells have a certain function. They reflect about 80% of sun's rays and protect skin from dehydration. Forcing off the dead skin cells with exfoliants makes skin even more sensitive to sun, causes inflammation under the epidermis, and causes wrinkles.

😂 number 7 ...

I love it.thank u so much.sorry i mistakenly pressed the report button for ur post😞 how do i fix it?anyways wonderful post

AWSOME tips....

😂 number 7 ...

People always say i look way younger then ask my age and say can i have your secret? lol i just smile at them but it really is just staying at home without the need of sunscreen lol i don`t use the exfoliating just cleanser and eye cream :) stay home lf you want the key to young skin but lf you do gotta go outside wear good sunscreen

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