The Secret πŸ™Š to Breakouts Unlocked πŸ”“: What Your Acne is Telling You πŸ—― ...

We all get breakouts from time to time and they are never pretty. I hate finding a pimple or a bunch of them. It’s enough to ruin the entire day. However, instead of just slapping on some cream and waiting for them to go away, you can get to the root of what’s causing your breakouts. Sometimes they are telling you something and finding out what it is can help you solve the problem. Here’s what your breakouts might be saying to you.

1. Forehead Acne Might Be Due to Digestive Disturbances

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According to experts, when you get zits on either side of your forehead, your digestion might be in turmoil. What could be going on is that you are skimping on water and maybe eating too much junk food. Pump up your water intake and scale back on fatty, salty foods and replace them with whole, healthy foods like fruits and veggies, and see if things clear up.

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