The Secret to Breakouts Unlocked - What Your Acne is Telling You ...


The Secret to Breakouts Unlocked - What Your Acne is Telling You ...
The Secret to Breakouts Unlocked - What Your Acne is Telling You ...

We all get breakouts from time to time and they are never pretty. I hate finding a pimple or a bunch of them. It’s enough to ruin the entire day. However, instead of just slapping on some cream and waiting for them to go away, you can get to the root of what’s causing your breakouts. Sometimes they are telling you something and finding out what it is can help you solve the problem. Here’s what your breakouts might be saying to you.

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Forehead Acne Might Be Due to Digestive Disturbances

According to experts, when you get zits on either side of your forehead, your digestion might be in turmoil. What could be going on is that you are skimping on water and maybe eating too much junk food. Pump up your water intake and scale back on fatty, salty foods and replace them with whole, healthy foods like fruits and veggies, and see if things clear up.


Pimples on Your Jawline Can Often Be Blamed on Hormones

I hate when acne crops up along my jawline. It doesn’t look good and it’s not all that comfortable either. Not to mention being hard to mask with make-up. Often, when you get breakouts in this area you can assume that hormones are at play. Perhaps you’re super stressed or you’re at that time of the month. Talk to your doctor about how to control the hormones and you might just see the zits go away.


Seeing Zits between Your Eyebrows Might Indicate a Poor Diet

Much like forehead acne, getting pimples between your brows means your body is telling you to slow down on the alcohol and the rich, fatty foods. I know – it’s disappointing, isn’t it? Breakouts here might also be a symptom of a mild food allergy so get yourself tested to make sure you aren’t reacting to something that you’re eating.


Breakouts on Your Cheeks Could Indicate Respiratory Issues

Many people who smoke or who have allergies experience breakouts on their cheeks. That’s because both issues interfere with the health of the skin and blood vessels in this area. Quitting the cigarettes is a no-brainer, but if you have allergies, talk to your doctor about controlling them, which can help eliminate the zits at the same time.


Chin Breakouts Can Be Linked to Hormones or Stress

Because your chin is so close to your jawline, hormones and stress can also result in pimples there. In fact, many women report breakouts on their chin as their hormone levels fluctuate with their menstrual cycle. Pimples here might also indicate that you need more fiber in your diet so start eating more fruits, veggies and whole grains and see if that helps.


Your Kidneys May Need Some Love if You Get Acne near Your Ears

Weird, I know, but it’s backed by science. If you suffer from breakouts near your ears, you might be overloading your poor kidneys. The solution? Cut back on alcohol, soda and caffeine and your kidneys will be a lot happier. That means clearer skin, so I think you’ll be able to do it.


Zits on Your Neck Could Be Telling You to Take Better Care of Yourself

If your main breakouts occur on your neck, it’s time to assess your overall health. That’s because breakouts in this area sometimes indicate that your body is fighting a bacterial infection. You know that means. Drink more water and try to get some rest.


Avoid Meat and Spice Foods if Your Nose is Breaking out

Your nose is linked to your heart. Cut back on meat and spicy foods to reduce breakouts here. Swap these foods out for good fats, like avocados, fish, and flaxseed. If that doesn't work, check to see that your makeup hasn't expired and doesn't contain pore-clogging ingredients.


Your Hair Products Can Cause Pimples along Your Hairline

Hair product overload is the culprit. To avoid clogging your pores, keep hair products away from your hair line. To smooth a flyaway, spray your hand and lightly touch. Also, make sure your hands are clean when touching your face after doing your hair.


Your Diet Can Cause the Skin around Your Mouth to Breakout

Acidic foods can irritate your skin and cause inflammation. Also, the remnants of fried foods, like chips and fries, can physically block your pores. Prevent this with a facial cleansing wipe to get rid of irritants around your mouth after eating.

Where do you tend to breakout? Do you think this info will help you?

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I get them on my jaw line, chin and cheeks! Mainly hormonal.

Interesting post! 😊

post was extremely helpful! thank you so much!!

What about on your nose? But thank you so much for this!!

How about a pimple on nose?

Wow! What a great guide! Now I have a better understanding! :)

So very interesting, thank you for posting

What about your back??

I get the random ear zits but I don't smoke or even drink alcohol; just 2L minimum of water daily. But I'm thinking it's probably negligent since I don't get them as often. I do get jawline acne whenever I'm about to get my period, though. This was a pleasant read, as I have never thought there was a possible correlation between acne locations and lifestyle

Oh pimples on my chin now it explains everything. School got me stressed the fuck ouuuuuttttt

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