Here's How to Keep Your Skin Young when You're in Your 20s ...


You might not be thinking of anti-aging in your 20s, but you should be. You probably don’t have many wrinkles, fine lines or age spots yet, but you can do several things to head them off and stay looking 20 even into your 30s and beyond. Sounds pretty great to me! If you want to look young, no matter your age, these are the ways you should be caring for your skin right now.

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Stop Drinking Everything from a Straw

This totally conflicts with the suggestion to use a straw to prevent stains on your teeth. However, sucking through a straw can lead to wrinkles and lines around your mouth. Take a break when you’re at home and save the straws for when you have a soda or iced tea at a restaurant. It might sound silly, but this can go a long way toward protecting your looks now and as you age.


Wear Sunscreen Every Single Day, No Matter What

Before you scoff, sun damage doesn’t show up for years so it might not seem like your exposure thus far has been a problem. However, sun protection is the single best way to stay looking young your whole life through. You need to apply it every single day all over your body and every couple hours when you spend time outdoors.


Start Using a Good Quality anti-Aging Cream Right Now

It’s not overkill, I promise. Your skin loses elasticity and tone as you get older, but you can pump it up and delay the process by using an anti-aging cream. They are available in many price ranges at drugstores, so you can easily find one that fits in your budget. In 10 years, you’ll be so glad you started now! Apply it to your face, neck and hands every single day.


Try Using Eye Cream to Stop Crow’s Feet

Crow’s feet can really age you, but you can stop them from getting too deep and noticeable by wearing eye cream. The thin, delicate skin around your eyes is one of the first places you’ll see the signs of aging, but an eye cream can delay things dramatically. Like anti-aging creams, they don’t have to be super expensive to do their job.


Get Lots of Antioxidants from Fruits and Veggies in Your Diet

Antioxidants fight the signs of aging by counteracting free radical damage and helping preserve healthy and radiant skin on your face and all over your body. They are available in most fruits and veggies, but berries, leafy greens and bright orange produce are your best bets. You can also get antioxidants from tea, beans and dark chocolate.


Exercise for at Least 30 Minutes Most Days of the Week

Exercise is important for many reasons, but one of them is that it boosts skin elasticity and promotes circulation. This combines to help ensure healthy and young looking skin. Aim for about 30 minutes nearly every day and you’ll be good to go. Swimming, biking, running and dancing are great options.


Find a Good Dermatologist and Put Him on Speed Dial

Your dermatologist is like your miracle cure for aging. He can keep an eye on spots and lesions to be sure they aren’t dangerous, but he can also give you loads of advice and product recommendations for all your aging woes. And, when the time comes, he can also do a little Botox if you need it. See your dermatologist at least once every year.

How do you preserve your youthful 20s skin? Will you try any of these suggestions?

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Thats crazy

Seriously... Botox?

Oh yah am going to start immediately..

Good points but j think the crowd feet I'd unavoidable....genetics probably but the other stuff are doable.

Why fight looking old? It's part of your body's journey. It's not such a bad thing as you're portraying it to be.

yes Drinking plenty of water at least 8 glasses daily makes body naturally healthy.

You forgot to mention drinking plenty of water x

Drinking plenty of water😊

How to keep your skin young in your 20s: you're in your bloody 20s.

Drink plenty of water

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