Face πŸ‘© Wipes 🧻 Vs Washing 🧼 ...


It’s a beauty and hygiene debate that has been raging for as long as any of us can remember: face wipes versus face washing. You will find people on both sides of the argument who are committed to doing it one way and only one way, but at the end of the day, the only people you should probably be listening to for a definitive answer on this subject are professionals. Taking everything into consideration, here are some things that expert dermatologists want us to consider when thinking about face wipes versus face washing.

1. Not the Best Job

The first thing to know is that, scientifically, wipes don’t always do the best job of cleaning your skin. Wipes will certainly get rid of the visible majority of makeup, dirt, and grit from your face, but there will always be a residue left over due to the non-penetrative nature of the wiping action that takes place to use them.

Wipe Film