10 Foods That Will Give You a Flawless Complexion ...


10 Foods That Will Give You a Flawless Complexion ...
10 Foods That Will Give You a Flawless Complexion ...

Your skin needs certain vitamins and minerals to stay looking and feeling healthy and fresh. That means that making poor food choices can wreak havoc on your skin, causing anything from pimples to extreme dryness. On the other hand, a healthy and well-balanced diet can give you the dreamy, creamy skin you’ve always wanted. Here are some foods to add to your diet for the best skin of your life.

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Salmon Will Always Be One of Your Best Choices

Salmon Will Always Be One of Your Best Choices Salmon is a fatty fish that is absolutely loaded with omega-3 fatty acids, which help keep your skin looking soft, fresh and youthful. The great thing about salmon is that you can cook it in several different ways so you’ll never get bored. Try it on a Caesar salad or in place of tuna on your lunchtime sandwich. The protein in salmon is also great for lovely skin.


A Handful of Almonds Make a Tasty Snack

A Handful of Almonds Make a Tasty Snack Almonds are a prime source of vitamin E, which is one of the most important nutrients for your skin. Not only can eating almonds on a regular basis help keep your skin looking flawless, but research shows that they can also block the harmful effects of the sun’s rays. That means you can count on glorious skin now and forever. Perfect!


Carrots Will Never Be a Bad Decision

Carrots Will Never Be a Bad Decision Carrots, like other orange fruits and vegetables, are loaded with vitamin A. It’s a nutrient that helps regulate healthy skin cell production so that you have smooth skin and your pores don’t get clogged. Eating carrots also protects you from developing the cellular changes that can lead to skin cancer. Raw carrots are best, but cooked ones will also do the trick.


You Can Totally Nibble on Some Chocolate

You Can Totally Nibble on Some Chocolate No, chocolate will not cause acne! In fact, dark chocolate is rich in antioxidants and flavanols that can protect your skin from aging and damage. That means it will always look beautiful. The trick is to eat the chocolate in moderation and look for versions that contain at least 70% cocoa. Stick to just an ounce or two per day because it still contains fat and calories.


Try Some Flaxseed Today

Try Some Flaxseed Today Like salmon, flaxseeds contain omega-3s, so they can help promote healthy skin. In fact, research shows that eating flax might help erase wrinkles and fade age spots. You may also notice better skin hydration when you add flaxseeds to your diet. Try them in your favorite muffins or blended into a fruit smoothie. You won’t even notice the difference.


How about a Spinach Salad for Lunch Today?

How about a Spinach Salad for Lunch Today? Forget the iceberg and have a spinach in your salad today. Why? Because it tastes better for one thing, but because spinach is chock full of vitamin C, which can help prevent skin cancer and keep your skin looking lovely your entire lifetime. Spinach is also a good source of folate, which is a nutrient that helps keep your DNA healthy, which can ward off all sorts of unpleasant skin issues.


A Wedge of Watermelon is a Tasty Option

A Wedge of Watermelon is a Tasty Option Watermelon is one your best choices when it comes to the antioxidant, lycopene. This one can combat free radical damage and help preserve the appearance of your skin. Free radicals are to blame for the signs of aging and skin cancer so nibbling on watermelon will be one of the best things you ever do for your skin.


Romaine Lettuce is an Exceptional Choice

food, vegetable, produce, leaf vegetable, rapini, Romaine lettuce is packed full of Vitamin A which is known for its cell renewal properties to increase cell turnover and give you youthful glowing skin.


Strawberries for Dessert

strawberry, food, strawberries, produce, plant, We all know fruit is good for your body, but strawberries are exceptionally good for your skin because they promote collagen production which keeps your skin plump (in a good way) and supple.


Snack on Kiwis

green, plant, food, produce, land plant, Kiwis are packed with all the good stuff-antioxidants which provide Vitamin C, and potassium-which are great for your skin because both help prevent wrinkles.

Which of these foods do you love eating?

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