In-flight Beauty How to Make Your Skin Glow when on a Plane ...


In-flight Beauty How to Make Your Skin Glow when on a Plane ...
In-flight Beauty How to Make Your Skin Glow when on a Plane ...

If you've got a long-haul flight ahead, you may be concerned about keeping your skin hydrated during the flight. Pressurised recycled air is not the best thing for your skin, and by the end of the flight you may be looking (and feeling) tired. So how can you keep your skin happy while flying? Here are some tips to help …

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Start your preparations before the flight. Exfoliate your skin at home the day before, or on the morning of the flight use an exfoliating cleanser. This will get rid of the dead skin cells and make your skin more receptive to the moisturiser you'll need to apply while on the plane.


From the inside

your skin hydrated from the inside. Avoid alcohol while flying, as it will dehydrate you further. You don't need it anyway, and avoiding it will also help you sleep if you're on a late flight. Stick to drinking plenty of water and juice. Don't avoid drinking water so that you use the airplane bathrooms less.



If you're wearing makeup, take it off and cleanse your face properly. The most practical way when flying is to use wipes (I'm not a fan of wasteful disposable products, but they're certainly useful when traveling). Do use wipes that aren't too drying, however; you don't want to dehydrate your skin any further than it already is.



Facial mists sound refreshing, but won't be effective in the dry atmosphere of a plane. Instead, take a serum with you and apply before moisturiser. This will help to lock in the moisture and keep your skin nicely hydrated. You might need to apply the moisturiser more than once if you're on a longer flight; keep an eye on how dry your skin feels.



Obviously it's hard to move around on a plane, but getting your circulation moving will help your skin. When you get a chance, take a quick stroll around the plane. This will help stave off fluid retention. It's also helpful to avoid lowering your seat, and staying as upright as you can; lying back can give you eye bags as the fluid collects. If your eyes do get puffy, put an ice cube in a napkin and hold it there.

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Don't forget your hands, which may also get dry and dehydrated. A good rich moisturiser will help here. If you use a simple moisturiser, it can double up as a lip balm, and you can also use it for your face (I love Nivea Crème for its multi-tasking qualities).



A balm like Elizabeth Arden's Eight Hour Cream can also be a very useful product to carry on a flight. If you forget to buy it beforehand you can easily pick it up at the airport. Products like this can be used on dry patches, as a lip gloss, to tame your eyebrows, or as a mask (if you don't mind looking a bit silly!). It's so versatile that it's a great space-saver in your baggage.

By keeping your skin well moisturised, you'll step off the plane looking good rather than having dry, dull and irritated skin. You don't need to fill your bags with a lot of products either. What's your favorite tip for keeping your skin happy while traveling?

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@Channce that was me until I started using essential oils. I had horrible t-zone oil. Now I can tell you what oil works for what. I'm about to get off this app for a few but my email addy is on my profile if you want I can send you the links of what is what and where to buy them. Tea Tree oil is the BEST for the t-zone oil. It completely minimizes your pores and clears them out. Hope this helps!


I don't fly for a living but I do fly long haul roughly once a month. These tips are great. I always take my make up off before boarding but probably don't make as much effort to move around as I should! Also, swear by 8 hour cream as lip balm and for my hands as they get very dry on a flight. I'd welcome tips for haircare on a flight though as my hair generally gets very dry and static during the flight apart from my oily fringe which usually ends up clipped back.

I fly for a living, I think it's hilarious that people think they will shrivel up after one flight!

Going to Vegas in a few months. Are there any brands you would recommend for combination skin that's also sensitive? Oily thought the t-zone normal to dry on cheeks.

Bought Elizabeth Arden disappointed with the same not useful at all with such a high price tag

Thanx alot in few days i am gonna catch air miles was in need 4 thiz

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