Post Flight Skin Tips to Stay Moisturized ...


Post Flight Skin Tips to Stay Moisturized ...
Post Flight Skin Tips to Stay Moisturized ...

Airplane air is just as bad for your skin as air pollution. In fact, it’s probably worse because the exposure is in intense short bursts. Airplane air is not fresh – it is recycled. It’s no wonder that so many women disembark from a plane and wonder what has happened to their skin in a few short hours. It’s important therefore, to know how to hydrate your skin after a flight.

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Plenty of Water

One of the best ways to rehydrate your skin after a flight is to drink water, lots and lots of water! You need to start this process even before you board the plane by drinking lots of fluids before the flight even takes off, and then keep up this pace during and then after the flight. Not only does staying hydrated in this way make your skin look great, but it also massively cuts down the risk of annoying on-board headaches that so often plague passengers.


Matcha Latte

A handful of skincare experts have recently expressed their belief that matcha lattes are the beverage you should opt for after getting off of a plane. After a long flight in those cramped, dry conditions, a matcha latte will energize you without dehydrating you like a cup of coffee or a mug of tea would do. They are an acquired taste but you will grow to love them.


Water Rich Foods

Try to stay away from salty foods during and after your flight, and opt instead to for foods that are rich in water like cucumber and celery. These foods will serve two jobs: the first being that it will give you a fresh taste compared to the questionable food that is served on planes, and of course, the second being that it will provide with the hydration that you so badly need.


Avoid Alcohol

A lot of people like the idea of having a nice glass of wine or champagne thousands of feet above the clouds, but in reality, drinking alcohol dehydrates more than anything else, and the effects are massively amplified when in an airplane. Of course, the best advice would be to steer clear of booze altogether, but if you absolutely have to, stick to clear drinks like vodka or gin mixed with club soda.


Hydrating Sheet Mask

Once you are off your plane and sitting in the comfort of your hotel room, it would be a good idea to whip out a water replenishment facemask. These things are super popular in Korea and in less than thirty minutes will have your skin baby smooth and deliciously hydrated compared to the dryness and stuffiness of an air cabin.


Brightening Peel

Another great product that comes in to its own on occasions like this is a brightening peel. The word peel is always kind of scary for the sensitive skin on your face, but they don’t hurt at all and brightening peel products in particular can really help to refresh and hydrate your skin after a long flight.



If you have enough space in your luggage for a humidifier, then they are fantastic to have around to sleep with after a long and dehydrating flight. The great thing about humidifiers is that they require little to no effort from you, all you have to do is put it on the nightstand, turn it on, and proceed to fall asleep whilst reaping the benefits of some much needed rehydration!

Flying is not good for your skin so please take steps to keep it looking its best.

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