10 Fruits to Eat if You Want Glowing and Gorgeous Skin ...


10 Fruits to Eat if You Want Glowing and Gorgeous Skin ...
10 Fruits to Eat if You Want Glowing and Gorgeous Skin ...

Who among us hasn’t looked in the mirror and wished for better skin. I did it just this morning, in fact. The truth is that what you eat can have a major impact on how you look on the outside, including the state of your skin. By eating plenty of fruits, you can get that healthy glow you want while also boosting your health in other ways. So, next time you make your shopping list, be sure you include the following fruits.

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Strawberries Are a Delicious Choice Anytime of the Day

Strawberries Are a Delicious Choice Anytime of the Day What makes a strawberry so great for your skin? For starters, this berry is loaded with vitamin C, which is a nutrient that plays a big role in keeping your skin firm and blemish free. Berries are also a great source of antioxidants, which work to repair damage to your skin and combat the free radicals that can lead to aging and skin cancer. Eat strawberries on their own or add them to a bowl of oatmeal or a smoothie.


Strawberries aren't just tasty; they're a powerhouse of skin-loving nutrients. The alpha-hydroxy acid present in these juicy fruits acts as a natural exfoliant, helping to remove dead skin cells and brighten your complexion. Moreover, the salicylic acid content can aid in reducing and preventing acne breakouts. Indulge in a strawberry face mask for an at-home spa experience or simply incorporate these delightful berries into your diet. You'll not only savor their sweet flavor but also give your skin a treat that's as beneficial as it is delicious.


Have a Wedge of Cantaloupe

Have a Wedge of Cantaloupe You know that cantaloupe is a healthy choice because it’s orange in color. That indicates the presence of beta-carotene, which is converted to vitamin A in your body. This is a nutrient that helps keep your skin looking young and glorious. In addition, this yummy melon is also rich in vitamin C and antioxidants. Have a wedge with your lunchtime sandwich.


Apricots Might Be Small, but They Pack a Big Punch

Apricots Might Be Small, but They Pack a Big Punch When you can find fresh apricots on store shelves, stock up in a big way. Like cantaloupe, apricots are chock full of vitamin A with a side of vitamin C. This powerful combination of nutrients helps you protect and nourish your skin on a daily basis. As an added bonus, apricots also contain a small amount of vitamin E, which is great for smooth, healthy skin as well. An apricot is great eaten plain and makes for one delicious snack.


Apricots should become your go-to fruit not just for their delightful taste, but for the remarkable skin benefits they boast. Loaded with antioxidants, they fight free radicals and prevent signs of aging. The fiber in apricots aids digestion, which in turn promotes clear skin. Moreover, they have a high water content, providing natural hydration which is essential for a supple, youthful complexion. Integrating apricots into your diet can be as simple as tossing them into salads, blending into smoothies, or even as a natural sweetener in desserts. For maximum benefits, always aim for fresh, organic apricots when they're in season.


Cut Open a Fresh Kiwi for Breakfast

Cut Open a Fresh Kiwi for Breakfast Kiwis might be small, but one of them contains your entire quota of vitamin C for the day. That’s great news for your skin because as you know, vitamin C is needed to keep it healthy and young. Some research also indicates that eating kiwis can help fight wrinkles and acne. If you have a hard time with the tartness of a kiwi, try adding it to a smoothie to help balance out the tang.


Nibble on a Peach when You Get Hungry

Nibble on a Peach when You Get Hungry Peaches are full of water, which is vital for healthy, smooth and fresh skin. Skimping on your fluid intake leaves your skin parched and dry, which is unhealthy and uncomfortable. The good news is that you don’t have to rely on water alone to get the hydration you need. Peaches are a great choice, and they also contain vitamins A and C.


Today is a Great Time to Try Papaya

Today is a Great Time to Try Papaya If you’ve never tried a papaya before, today is a good time to toss one in your grocery cart. Because they are orange, you can count on them to help you fulfill your vitamin A needs, which translates to great skin all over your body. The antioxidants they contain only add to the benefits. Papaya is wonderful in a smoothie or in a fruit salad. Yum!


An Apple a Day…

An Apple a Day… An apple a day may keep the doctor away, but it can also keep acne away. Because of the high pectin content in apples, many experts agree that eating them boosts digestion, which can help slough away toxins that lead to acne on your skin. While that is still a debatable statement, apples do contain a wealth of antioxidants, which help battle all kinds of skin issues. There’s nothing like a crisp, crunchy apple at lunchtime, right?


Avocados, Avocados, Avocados

food, produce, green, plant, fruit, We don't think you'll need much convincing when we tell you to eat avocados. Let's face it, we all are obsessed with the fruit, but what's great is that they are super beneficial for your skin. They contain biotin, which helps cell regeneration and growth, and they have fatty acids that promote that glowy skin we all crave. Extra guac, please??


Avocados aren't just a trendy toast topper; they're packed with vitamin E and C, both known for their antioxidant properties. These vitamins combat skin damage and provide hydration, keeping your complexion dewy and youthful. The fatty acids also help to maintain the skin's elasticity, reducing the appearance of fine lines. The best part? They're incredibly versatile. Whether in a smoothie, salad, or simply on their own, avocados are a delicious way to boost your skin care game from the inside out. Slather on that avocado goodness freely!



banana family, food, banana, produce, plant, Bananas are great to eat in so many ways. You can have them in a smoothie or dipped in peanut butter, or go classic and eat them straight from the peel. Whatever you choose, know you're getting great benefits, as the potassium found in them moisturizes and hydrates your skin! They also help to fade dark spots and blemishes. Score.


Bananas don't just elevate your smoothie game, they're a powerhouse of nutrients that do wonders for your skin. Packed with Vitamin C and B6, these yellow delights are essential for maintaining the integrity and elasticity of the skin. The manganese in bananas fights skin aging, while the amino acids work to strengthen connective tissue. Moreover, their natural oils can even soothe dry, irritated skin. So, whether it's a nourishing banana face mask or just a quick snack, incorporating these sweet treats into your diet might just be your skin's new secret weapon.


When Life Hands You Lemons...

citrus, food, fruit, produce, plant, Lemons are a great fruit to add as a part of your beauty routine. They naturally even out your skin tone and help reduce acne marks and spots. They're also great at deep cleaning, as they break down the crud that clogs your pores. A popular way to get your daily dose of lemon is to have a glass of honey and lemon water in the morning.

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