Avoid These Ingredients That Are Harmful for Your Face ...


Avoid These Ingredients That Are Harmful for Your Face ...
Avoid These Ingredients That Are Harmful for Your Face ...

What woman doesn't want to pamper her skin with amazing products? The bitter truth, however, is that certain ingredients found in skincare products do more harm than good. Guest contributor Melody Cleo shares a list of harmful ingredients that you're better off avoiding.

We now live in a cosmetic world. Cosmetics enhance our looks from the roots of our hair all the way down to our toe nails. It is not a bad thing to be a cosmetic freak, but what makes some cosmetics a threat to our health are the ingredients used to make them. Here are 7 ingredients that are harmful for your face and you should watch out for when you choose and buy cosmetics and toiletries.

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Parabens are commonly used in face makeup, moisturizers, and shampoos. They easily penetrate the skin and interfere with the hormone function of the body. They are widely used for cosmetics even though they are toxic and are mostly associated with breast cancer. Cosmetics with paraben ingredients are normally mentioned in their chemical names like butylparaben, methylparaben, isobutylparaben, ethylparaben, and prpylparaben. Always be on the lookout for this chemical and limit its use.


Vitamin a in Sunscreen

Vitamin A is an essential vitamin in the body but what if it is used as an ingredient in sunscreen? Retinol palmitate which is an animal form of vitamin A is widely used in the manufacture of sunscreens but research has shown that its use has been attributed to the many rising cases of skin cancer. It is okay to use retinol in the form of night creams but not during the day.


Mineral Makeup

For your face powder, blush, lipstick, mascara, eye pencils, eyeliner and eye shades please choose a brand that gives you a mineral free product. Iron oxides and other common mineral pigments are natural but are often associated with harmful minerals like lead, mercury and nickel which are cancer causing agents.


Petroleum and Related Petrochemicals

Petroleum and its associated range of chemicals are often used in the manufacture of body jellies, face and lip balms, hair pomades and chemical ointments. Products with this ingredient are not really bad per se but when applied on skin they really suffocate it and can interfere with perspiration.



Triclosam is a very powerful antimicrobial used in the manufacture of face and hand washes as well as acne treatments and deodorants. The ugly reality of this chemical is that it stays on our bodies posing a great threat to the skin pores and cells. Regular use of products with this chemical may create resistant strains of bacteria.



Often used as a skin lightening component this chemical is highly toxic. Its long term use may lead to black lesions occurring on the skin and the 1% of it left on the skin is also a possible cause of skin cancer.


Formaldehyde Preservatives:

These preservatives occur in many forms with chemical names such as Diazolidinyl urea, methenamine, DMDM hydantoin, Imidazolidinyl urea, and quarternium - 15. All the chemicals cited above are used as preservatives for cosmetics, body lotions, moisturizers, and hair products. The chemicals are a great health concern because as you use them, they slowly release formaldehyde which is classified as a human carcinogen and notorious cancer-causing agent.

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I have heard that some of the mineral compounds used for makeup come from countries without the strict regulations we have in the US.

New studies have proven that parabens isn't harmful unless you put 170kg on your face daily ..

Mineral makeup?! That's a very controversial point. I heard many dermatologists and plastic surgeons suggest it as the purest makeup you can put on your face. I personally got rid of acne when I switched to it after using regular makeup (including expensive brands). Mercury, nickel and other harmful ingredients are way more likely to be found in regular makeup, packed with all kinds of crazy stuff that will help to sell it.

Sodium lauryl sulfate!!! That stuff overdries and strips my skin, and it's in almost e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g

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