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7 Ways to Fade Scars That Are Really Easy to Carry out ...

By Eliza

On my son’s first day of preschool, he fell and hit his head, requiring fifteen stitches, so now I’m always on the hunt for ways to fade scars. I know they say boys with scars have character, but that pink line across his forehead is just so prominent. Luckily, as the months have passed, it has faded a bit and I’m hoping that with continued treatment it keeps on doing so. If you, or a loved little one, has a scar, try out some of these ways to fade scars. And, of course, feel free to add your own tried and true methods too!

1 Use Sunscreen

You obviously know that using sunscreen protects you from UV damage that can lead to aging and skin cancer. If you have a new scar, it’s imperative to keep it covered with SPF all the time, and it's one of easiest ways to fade scars. That’s because sun can make the scar more prominent by adding to the color of the area. Protecting your scar helps it heal as quickly and normally as possible, while also keeping its color light.

2 Dab It with Lemon Juice

Lemon juice has a history as a scar fader, making it an easy and affordable option. Simply saturate a cotton ball with fresh lemon juice and apply it to the scar a couple of times per day. You can also blend a bit of lemon juice into your moisturizer before rubbing it into the area.

3 Apply Cocoa Butter

Cocoa butter might not totally eliminate a scar, but it sure can help lighten one. Women have used cocoa butter for years on their stretch marks and many swear that they get less visible with regular use. In essence a stretch mark is a scar, so it follows that cocoa butter can be an effective way to minimize any type of scar. Apply cocoa butter at least once daily for the most benefit.

4 Massage It

It might sound uncomfortable, but massaging a scar can help soften the scar tissue, helping minimize its appearance. Gently rub the scar and the area around it for a couple minutes per day. You can do this easily while you watch television or when you’re sudsing up in the shower. Use a light touch and stop if the massage hurts or becomes uncomfortable.

5 Slick on Vitamin E Oil

Vitamin E is absolutely vital for healthy and attractive skin, so using it on scars can keep the new skin healthy and hopefully fade the redness of the area. Once the wound has healed, you can gently apply a bit of Vitamin E oil to the scar and let it soak in. Eating foods with Vitamin E, such as seeds and nuts, is also a good way to pump your injured skin with good nutrients.

6 Spread It with Honey

Honey has skin lightening properties, which makes it a valuable choice for fading a scar. And chances are you have some in your pantry as we speak. Put a dab of honey on your finger or a cotton swab and spread it on your scar. Allow it to do its magic for about 20 minutes, then rinse with warm water. Do a honey treatment every few days to continue fading the scar.

7 Make Cucumber Juice

If you’re a juicing fanatic, you’re in luck because cucumber juice works much like honey and can really fade a scar. Whip up a batch and douse a paper towel or thin washcloth with the juice. Apply the cloth to the scar for several minutes. You’ll need to do this several times per day for the most benefit, so I’d recommend keeping a big pitcher of cucumber juice in your refrigerator.

Do you have scars? You can always buy a scar fading cream or ointment at the drugstore, but you don’t have to if you prefer more natural methods. Let me know if any of these work for you.

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