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Have you ever considered trying different ways to moisturize your skin that are much more convenient and affordable than an endless relay of chemical-laden products? Well, they do exist. Your skin is very important because it's significant to the way you look and feel. That's why it's important to keep it moisturized and naturally conditioned. In the list below, it will provide some of the most popular ways to moisturize your skin.

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When butters come to mind you think of fatty, greasy, and savory fillers, but in fact these components are wonderful ways to moisturize your skin. Most butters are derived from nuts or seeds provided by trees. Cocoa Butter, for instance, helps sooth dry and itchy skin. Illipe Butter restores the skin's elasticity. Mango Butter relieves symptoms caused by skin irritants like psoriasis or eczema. Lastly, Shea Butter has been medically proven to heal scars and dry skin, and nourish aging skin. Butter seems like the way to go!


Lavishing Oils

Fixed, smooth and cruise control. Oils will add extra shine and gloss to your skin. Castor oil, olive oil, and coconut oil are some of the most common oils that treat your skin from deep within. Other beneficial oils include sweet almond oil, grape seed oil, sunflower oil, and wheat germ oil. Since oils aren't as heavy as butters, they are typically easier to apply. On average, oils nourish skin cells and help treat a number of ailments (blisters, rashes, or rosacea).


Smooth Waxes

Hot waxes are used for much more than just hair removal. They also trap moisture, which your skin would fall in love with. Waxes can provide a barrier over the skin. When applied after an oil or butter it helps lock and seal in the moisture. Waxes tend to add hydration and softness without clogging the pores. Overall, wax is pretty gooey, but it's rather outstanding.


Sticky Honey

Yes, this sticky, yummy treat has is a natural substance that will make a person look and feel like a youngster. Honey is loaded with anti-bacterial properties that immediately helps to rejuvenate your skin - especially acne prone skin. It can be mixed with any ingredient that makes for a luscious mask or homemade cleansing product. Honey is typically used for tanning scars, pimples, and burns. Try using it all over your skin and see just how much glow your skin will soon have.



Staying hydrated is the number one key in keeping your skin moisturized and uplifted. Although experts say that the notion has yet to be medically proven, some still say that water will help keep you hydrated from the inside out. Since water (alongside your kidneys) apparently is a natural way to help detox the body or cleanse it of any impurities, it definitely comes in handy. Sources also say that drinking eight glasses a day will not only make you urinate excessively, but it will aid in your skin complexion. I think it's safe to say that water can be beneficial, so give it a try to not only quench your thirst, but as a natural moisturizer.



A humidifier is best for people with dry and cracked skin. Indoor heat removes moisture from the environment and cold weather is already lacking in humidity. Therefore, a humidifier can add water vapor to the air. Imagine how your sweaty skin feels in the hot, summer weather. It feels moist and hydrated, right? Well, that's exactly what a humidifier would provide for your skin.



Inhale and exhale. Ahh. This doesn't directly moisturize your skin, but it can help in the process. Lowering your blood pressure level can prevent rashes, skin irritation, and more issues, due to the stress that arrives throughout the day. Wondering where those blemishes are coming from? They could be caused by worrying or anxiety. So, taking some time out to really chill, relax and finding peace of mind will keep you and your skin feeling young. After taking a well-needed shower following a long day at work, moisturize your skin. Then, prop your feet up, grab a glass of wine, and chillax.

These are just some of the natural ways to lock in moisture and keep your skin looking clear, shiny, and glowing. Your skin is an important asset to your body. It is the shield to the inside of your veins, organs, blood vessels, and tissue. Therefore, pay close attention to it from now on. What are some other natural ways to moisturize your skin?

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