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Taking care of your delicate facial skin is a must because it will keep the area healthy, but also slow the signs of aging. Think about it. When you push and pull the skin on your face all the time, it’s more prone to damage that makes its appearance in the form of fine lines and wrinkles. Gasp! That’s pretty sobering news, isn’t it? So it pays to have some tips for taking care of your delicate facial skin so that you can stay looking youthful and radiant, no matter your age.

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Use Your Third Finger

Your third finger naturally applies the least amount of pressure, so it’s the one to use when taking care of your delicate facial skin. Use it gently rub in face cream and sunscreen and use it for applying make-up as well. That way you can look fabulous without worrying about making your face look older than your years.


Wear Sunscreen

Like I just said, use your third finger to apply sunscreen on your face every day. SPF is available in many kinds of foundation and face creams, so you should be covered if you opt for one of them. Sunscreen is a must for your face because it protects you from skin cancer, but it also staves off the signs of aging. You need at least SPF 15 for every day wear, but if you plan on being outdoors for more than a few minutes, SPF 30 is ideal. Remember, you should reapply sunscreen every couple of hours for the best coverage.



I know it’s hard to fulfill your nightly sleep requirements when you’re so busy living your life. But, expert doctors warn that skimping on shut eye increases your production of stress hormones that break down your delicate skin. For that reason, you should try to clock at least seven hours every night. As you sleep, your body works to repair and refresh your facial skin, so making sure you hit the hay at a reasonable hour is definitely something you should be doing.


Go Easy on Products

The skin on your face is very thin, so go for natural products as much as possible. There are lots of great skincare products that don’t contain loads of harsh chemicals and names you can’t pronounce. By opting for organic materials, your face comes into contact with things that can protect it and keep it healthy.


Pat, Don’t Rub

Can you imagine all the damage you’re doing to your face when you pull it as your dry it after a shower? It makes me cringe. That’s why it’s a good idea to pat your face dry after washing it instead of vigorously rubbing it. Trust me – it’ll get plenty dry enough and your face won’t pay the price. Gently pat your face with a soft towel anytime it gets wet.


Skip the Face Exercises

Face exercises just sound weird to me. I know they were originally designed to help tone and tighten the muscles in your face, but all that pulling and pushing doesn’t do much more than damage the collagen in your face and make you more prone to lines and wrinkles. If you’re worried about sagging areas, talk to your dermatologist about other ways to control the situation.


Eat and Drink Right

Loads of water is the hands-down easiest way to protect your delicate facial skin. It works to keep the area hydrated and plumped up, which helps reduce the appearance of aging. At the same time, eating a healthy and well-balanced diet ensures that you’re pumping your body full of the vitamins and minerals it needs to keep your face (and your entire body) looking young and beautiful.

How do you care for your face? Did I give you any new tips? What are best tips for me? Don’t be afraid to share.

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