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Every girl needs a good list of ways to hide a zit. Pimples aren’t attractive and can be uncomfortable too, so masking them is a great way to feel more comfortable with the way you look. Everyone gets zits from time to time, even adults, so understanding how to disguise them can really be a lifesaver. I tend to get one zit at a time, but it’s always a monster. That makes it even harder to cover it up. So, I’ve assembled an easy list of ways to hide a zit and I really hope these tips help you like they’ve helped me.

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Wash Your Face

Yes, this sounds like it will only uncover the zit, and it will, but you do want to get rid of it, right? By washing the area before covering it up, you can kill germs and bacteria hanging out on your face, which is one of the ways to hide a zit that work quickly. That way, you’re only stuck covering the pimples for a couple of days instead of weeks. Use a warm washcloth, which can reduce some of the swelling. Remember to wash all the covering products off at the end of the day too for the same reasons.


Squeeze on Some Visine

Visine is designed to reduce redness in your eyes, so it follows that it might do the same for zits. Many celebrities swear by this method. Simply soak a cotton swab or cotton ball with Visine and press it against the zit for several minutes. Visine constricts blood vessels, which can help reduce their appearance and bring down swelling at the same time. Ice offers similar benefits if you don’t have any Visine.


Dab on Lotion

Lotion isn’t going to completely mask a zit, but it can sure make the area look better. Think about how the area around a pimple can get dried out and flaky – likely from the cleansers and products you use to get rid of it. Dabbing on a bit of lotion will help minimize that problem, which can take some of the attention off the blemish.



Concealer may be the easiest way to mask your blemish. Choose a shade that mimics your skin tone so it blends seamlessly with the skin around it. Test it on the back of your hand to be sure it matches. Use a finger or a small bristle brush to dab the concealer over the blemish and blend it in. No matter which you use, make sure the brush or finger is clean to keep more harmful stuff from having its way with your skin.


Try a Correcting Powder

A correcting powder differs from concealer because it is designed to neutralize the color of the blemish. For example, one with yellow or green undertones can balance the redness of your zit. These are perfect for large breakouts of more than just one pimple and cover a large portion of your face. Apply correcting powder with a brush or make-up sponge so you can get an even amount of coverage over your entire face.



Once you have concealer of correcting powder in place, you can apply your foundation as normal. That will enhance the glow of your entire face, which can take some of the attention away from your pimples. It also serves to blend the concealer so it isn’t as obvious to anyone looking at you.


Finish with Powder

I generally avoid powder, but for a zit, it is a great way to keep the cover-up in place all day long. You don’t have to powder your entire face. Simply sweep a bit over the blemish and blend it into the surrounding area. That way you set the concealing products without looking cakey.

How do you cover a zit? Please give me some more hints if you have them.

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Great article! Except the back of your hand isn't the same color as your face, so you should hold it up next to your face and look in a mirror if you don't want to actually put it on your face. Some stores have them, but I always bring a mirror when I shop for makeup, just in case!

Tea tree oil is a great anecdote to a zit!

where can i buy visine? (i live in the US)

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