How to Get Flawless Skin on a College Girl's Budget ...


How to Get Flawless Skin on a College Girl's Budget ...
How to Get Flawless Skin on a College Girl's Budget ...

Being in college usually means limited funds. After all, once you pay tuition, buy books and load your meal card, there isn’t a lot left for other things. You might wonder if great skin is even possible on such a limited budget. The answer, of course, is yes it absolutely is. You will have to make careful selections and put in a bit of effort, but there’s no reason why being in college dooms you to bad skin. Here’s what to do.

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Choose the Right Foundation for Your Skin

hair, human hair color, face, eyebrow, blond, Foundation can cover up a lot of things, including blemishes and an uneven skin tone. The trick is to find the right one. Your skin may be different now than it was when you were a teenager so assess your face to help you figure out the best foundation for you. Consider your skin type, be it normal, oily or dry, and the color of your complexion. The right foundation can be had for less than $10 a bottle and will give you the perfect base for flawless skin on a budget.


Drink Lots of Water

drink, WATER, Dehydrated skin tends to look sallow, dry and lifeless. On the other hand, hydrated skin is plump, glowing and youthful. You can fill your water bottle as often as necessary on campus for free so this is a college girl’s tip that can’t be beat. Make sure you’re drinking enough water to give you clear or light yellow urine. Your skin will thank you by always looking gorgeous.


Quit the Late Night Pizza and Beer Habit

human action, eating, person, food, dish, Pulling all nighters with pizza and beer is just a rite of passage when you’re in college, but the habit can really do a number on your skin. Try to eat lots of fruits and veggies and limit the sugar and refined carbs. Healthy foods are loaded with nutrients that your skin needs to stay healthy and junk food isn’t, so make your diet rich in the nutritious stuff and you’ll have gorgeous skin all the way up until graduation.


Use Kitchen Staples to Treat Your Skin

person, woman, beauty, long hair, hairstyle, Keep some honey, white sugar, olive oil and avocado in your dorm room and you have all the makings for skincare that only costs a few pennies per treatment. Combine equal parts sugar and oil and you have a fabulous exfoliator for your entire body. Honey works wonders on treating acne and avocado is great for a homemade mask that hydrates your facial skin. Cool, right?


Go to Bed at a Reasonable Hour

human action, person, sleep, dog, nap, I did my fair share of late nights and early mornings when I was in college, but the truth is that your skin repairs and restores itself while you sleep. Skimping on the shut eye can really do a number on your skin. As often as is possible, make sure you’re getting 7 to 9 hours every night so that your skin can do its magic and you can wake up looking gorgeous every day. Good sleep doesn’t cost anything!


Buy a Good Cleanser and Use It Every Night

eyewear, glasses, hair, vision care, face, There are loads of great cleansers on store shelves that cost around $5! They usually last for a couple months, making them a great investment for flawless skin. Washing your face before bed every night removes products, toxins and bacteria, ensuring that you don’t break out and get blemishes on your face. It only works if you remember though, so make it a habit to suds up before hitting the sack.


Shop for Cosmetics at the Drugstore

face, hair, human action, facial expression, eyebrow, Who says that makeup has to cost an entire paycheck to be a good product? You can find loads of great stuff at the drugstore for just a few dollars. Stock your makeup bag with these items and you can go from drab to fab is just a few swipes.

What’s your best budget skincare tip?

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Eat well drink plenty of water and say no to drugs!

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